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I defended Omaha Beach with a Sniper Rifle

  guys today we are back playing hell let  loose we are on omaha beach and i'm actually on the german side this time i don't think i've ever played this map from the german perspective and i think the scenario here is that the allies have landed already and they've pushed inland and if you're on the german team here you mount a counter offensive to try and push them back to the beach it's kind of interesting but i've picked up the german sniper roll and that's what i'm going to be playing as today attempting to be sneaky and pick people off from distance without them ever seeing me and if you guys have ever seen any of my other hell let loose sniper videos before you'll know how powerful the sniper rifle is and this i think is the car 98 and it is absolutely brutal in this game you see a teammate hit firing at mg42 there hades what are they firing up are they firing at anything 80s oh there's an enemy there two enemies that guy's gonna ge

Battlefield 2042 Massive changes incoming

  little tip for you here progression is enabled again on the solo and Co-op modes in Battlefield 2042. this means that you can load up a game of breakthrough or conquest and shoot the AI to unlock all of the attachments for guns and vehicles if you want to it's also a great place to practice flying if you want to try and get better at that also I did show this on stream the other day but this has to be one of the most inventive portal experiences I've seen so far this was created by Andy bohem and if you want to try it for yourself the code is aajy99 Andy has created awingsuit course where you fly through Rings which are checkpoints made up of bots I don't even know how you would go about starting to do that with the logic editor pretty insane really that this kind of thing is possible and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else people come up with dice have just revealed some upcoming changes and updates as well for BF 2042 that should roll out soon potentially

ARMA Reforger Gameplay and Impressions

  welcome to armor reforger this one was a bit of a surprise about 30 minutes ago bohemia interactive who make the armor series of video games drop the live stream announced the game and at the same time released it on steam and i think it's also on the xbox preview program the insider program you've got to pay for it i paid 25 quid for it on steam and this is actually doing some really interesting things whilst it's not arma 4 the developers did say that they areworking on armor for so if you're into operation flashpoint and the armor games that's good news but this is actually the new engine that bohemia have made and arma 4 will be running on this engine and what reforger is is essentially a multiplayer sandbox using the new engine and the main goals of it are to test the technology the performance and also allow the community to get stuck in with mods different scenarios that they can create using this thing called the game master that's in the game and just

Aliens Fireteam is surprisingly good

  yeah the bridge extended Jack extending the bridge hostile's incoming oh this is gonna be good oh Bridge Road safe I'm coming to you let's go we have to get across it yeah oh nocome there everywhereoh got that bye get to my stim station I'm here I'm here I'm gonna put Atari down and send you turret going down bye oh really what lovely work left side beam time lovely beam uh what is it is the bridge down yeah Jesus Christ let us through ages keep him back oh God oh God okay I'm gonna put my mind down oh they're on fire open my ability right cross and secure LZ go go go go go go go go go go go go I don't have any ammo in my smart gun it's like inbound 11 seconds ago right now we gotta cross the bridge before we get the airstrike you kidding I'm not gonna make it Chuck you'll make it I don't think I'm gonna make it there he goes oh my God that is sick I put some missiles in as well I mean that'll take care of the aliens dude th