I defended Omaha Beach with a Sniper Rifle


guys today we are back playing hell let  loose we are on omaha beach and i'm actually on the german side this time i don't think i've ever played this map from the german perspective and i think the scenario here is that the allies have landed already and they've pushed inland and if you're on the german team here you mount a counter offensive to try and push them back to the beach it's kind of interesting but i've picked up the german sniper roll and that's what i'm going to be playing as today attempting to be sneaky and pick people off from distance without them ever seeing me and if you guys have ever seen any of my other hell let loose sniper videos before you'll know how powerful the sniper rifle is and this i think is the car 98 and it is absolutely brutal in this game you see a teammate hit firing at mg42 there hades what are they firing up are they firing at anything 80s oh there's an enemy there two enemies that guy's gonna get flanked i think maybe i can provide some sniper cover here just gotta wait and see if they pop their heads up enemy down i think hades was killed yeah all right we'll keep a low profile here i'd like to go over the headshots as well because i don't think you can be revived in this game if you get shot in the head so there's another ulterior motion for going for headshots i'm presuming that that american squad is trying to flank and get around the back just go on down the other guy made it across the gap probably going to go into those houses i reckon then i just spot a random guy in the field there yeah i did i feel like that was a nice position if i could take over those houses that would be great now the team have managed to capture the crossroads and now we've got to try and push on to church road so maybe if i push down here a little bit it might be a bit more effective there to provide some covering fire i'm actually ran behind him here was that a kill yes it was oh hello lone u.s soldier there is that a sniper maybe they have the same idea oh god i'm dead i'm dead there was a whole squad there i didn't even realize okay i've pushed up a little closer here to the church world on the respawn i'm running my squad now as well which is great i called drax sticking with them as much as possible trying to support them i think there's a us soldier behind that little tent thing there so love a grenade that looks about right and this is actually the strong point too isn't it i think yeah it is the drax is looking over here that's the enemy head down andy pandy's in the building above them gonna try and cross over and get in that building oh that's painful whatever that was i feel like that was an explosion come on drax get over oh drax no oh my god drax i'm sorry dude i feel like i should go in there and just see what happens okay we're in clear is there an upstairs oh my god there is i hate this andy pandy's up here though andy pandy is it's okay it looks okay there's a little window here this is a sniper dream that's cheeky that is okay we're taking church road nice is that an enemy damn it there's a little head there look i can't quite get the shot that's so frustrating oh man that feels good that feels really good oh that transport truck is just taking fire from everywhere oh it just exploded oh no there's a dead medic as well in the field um

who was shooting at those guys i don't see anyone was that i think i just saw a muzzle flash there i did look oh yes the pink mist wow through that tiny little window i wonder if that was an enemy sniper as well maybe it was i wonder if it would be worth trying to push over and take them maybe i'll give it a shot the bullets are just whipping from over there all right that's one down i think the guy was calling for smoke grenades and yeah we do if we put some smoke grenades down maybe we could actually get across there would you like some soup just scanning the windows seeing if i can spot any more targets

oh my god dude did a panzer just shoot through the window there was that a tank that was crazy there's an air head spawn here that's a nice placement there shall i go for that one instead and then attack the artillery battery there's a lot of enemies up here though still but unless they fall back we could actually mount a nice little attack here from the flank we've got patrick bateman here american psycho how could we possibly lose we've got legendary soldier b or minus b or hyphen b who knows oh they're crossing the road here wait i just saw an allied soldier across the road i think there's one further down as well that's a miss one down there's more down there two down one more further left maybe oh god

where did you come from that game oh my god that was so lucky wow and they are just pounding this area with artillery now look it's so hard to attack this because it's just a giant hill effectively and there's so many little trenches there that they can hide in the artillery is raining down on us that's an enemy did you just destroy our spawn there i think you did didn't you trying to come through i get him got enough time look at this dude on the cannon here what a gamer excuse me he's just complimenting him this is pretty effective against the infant crystal even all day nothing i'm proud of you oblamoff keep doing your thing man oh my god look at this artillery coming in i think he just wiped out my squad mate there oh my god it just hit me okay i am in the firing line right now that artillery that one's gone behind me this name in the middle you'll get me come on a day oh oh okay there was one more but it missedme god damn this game man this game we got the battery too which is great what point is next then wn70 mjg what are you firing up i don't see anyone there maybe they're just putting down suppressive fire or something we've got two dead german soldiers there oh got him i just saw the muzzle flash gave him away i've said it before but the snipers in this game are so strong that only four people in total 100 on the entire server can use them look at this so each team has access to two recon teams and each of those teams has two players in but only one of those players per squad can actually pick the bolt action rifle i'll get some what are you firing up they got there didn't spawn anyone keeping their heads down at least look at this apparently the uh german soldiers had developed some kind of anti-gravity technology as well both of them have got it some kind of elite unit why is that marker up there on the building i wish i knew what that meant i think the commanders put it there hmm there's a sniper down there

already slip yes oh no what was that artillery barrage man i got the sniper at least all right we're gonna check this building out it'd be a nice little spot to snipe from now you can start to see the beach back there there's some ships the transport vehicle can i even snipe those i have no idea this could be quite cheeky actually look at this

little window oh man let's stick my head out here see what i can spot

that's definitely the beach down there oh my goodness okay there's a lot of allied soldiers there and the machine gunner machine gunner's dead get more dropped than that maybe they're building stuff here look this is long range here i don't think they'd even see me yes this is the perfect sniper spot yes no kill just injured with that shot we'll keep it up this is a good spot there's a little angle there yes there is did you see the little puff of red there amazing yes oh my god we got that one as well wow i've been pushed out of the way by this guy here i've taken my spot with an stg get some my friend get some that's how you do it mate just gonna shoot him once in the face job done is that an enemy tank i think it is isn't it i don't know why they're looking down the stairs there because hopefully there's no one that's pushed up already i like this yes oh no oh that's an enemy tank are they in the building i feel like someone's in the building maybe there was i don't know hello that's nasty goodbye they were close to the house there there's a whole section here that i couldn't really see from that other window downstairs but this might give me a bigger field of view over here on leg shot damn it yeah this monero gamers fighting off people down in the field still i think oh god monero who

that's not good who shot you oh anybody there another one goodbye i thought it was the scarecrow then for a second i think there's one in that bush i might have killed them though when they ran in difficult to tell there's no way you're knowing willian unless you see like a definitive red blood spot like that yes oh my god this is so satisfying if you can get the sniper on this game there's no other experience like this right now trust me i wonder if there's an angle on the guy that killed monero they might still be looking here it's a miss that's a kill thanks there still okay maybe i should move i feel like my position's been compromised now but there's definitely someone downstairs trying to come up throw a grenade down hopefully this goes down close enough maybe i'll keep them away are we actually pushing onto the objective not really can hear him again they come in i don't think i've got much pistol ammo left you know that's a friendly i swear there's still enemies here though i'm just going to check it myself whatever there's one on the stairs wasn't there oh okay we got him i'm sorry my dude i'm sorry not today this sniper lives on well i'm gonna bid you farewell building you served me well you were a great sniper position but i'm gonna move now and try and get a bit closer to that objective over there and we flanked here that's nice i like that we've actually made it to the beach here dropped the soldier there i wonder if they had any friends though probably i know i'm just an idiot running across the open ground like this but i need some kind of cover that's a little bit safe is that a bombing run supplies what is that okay that's a bombing run yeah there it is jeez i think that just killed a lot of people i feel like it did can't believe we've actually pushed them back all the way to the beach that's so cool i'm gonna go prone and just peek over and have a look at the beach hey they spawn down there can hear a tank oh man look at all these landing crafts that's awesome there's the tank i don't think you saw megood night did you hear that shot tell me you didn't hear that shot oh no oh someone got it good job patrick bateman what's up bro how's it going patrick it's another time to be a german right now it's great man


see it's great i'm i'm 13 and i'm and i'm in the war are you a little young to be in the war we're just overlooking it all now is that artillery there i think it is i don't know if i could get a shot on that though is there one more point to capture here the draw so we have to go into the beach and push them off the beach there's no way

wait are you jackfruits


no you know the start of the video i was like we're going to try and push them back to the beach i didn't actually think that we would push them back to the beach so you know this is going to be quite a long video but hopefully you guys are enjoying it and if you are make sure that you like and comment below thank you so youtube thinks it's an interesting video if it actually is of course these bunkers like i feel like i should be inside the

bunker right did the sniping out of it but sniping through it maybe that's okay look at that guy there call me the tiger tommy what what you doing down there tommy oh no

hang on did they just blow a tank up as it came out he's tommy still tommy the tiger's still down there the absolute mad lad look at him go tommy i believe in you i'm gonna move across the beach and see if i can help the team a little bit more here we've got a lot of friendlies surrounding this little bunker and tommy's still there look tommy get out of the water tommy what are you doing lance we gotta go i'm not entirely sure where they are right now this is war this is the true war right here yes oh god long rifle that sounded really close i heard the ping are they just on the other side these rocks yeah

yes okay got a head shot grenade fall back i think my grenade went off no grenades yes or grenades i can see them throwing grenades back i need someone with a mp40 to just run around the corner and strafe it and i guess i could go around myself i was too brazen i thought that i could just john wick everyone there's a chance you know you know what what if i can follow in the footsteps of tommy and do the same thing maybe it's the most effective fight that you could do right now on this map considering our position oh the tank is just chilling in there hey well if i go down there i'd have to get past the tank i don't think that's gonna happen but i'll try anyway it seems to be distracted right now just don't look slightly to your right tank and it'll be fine right it'll be fine use the tank traps just cover did we get it yes get in we won awesome what a game like i said i didn't think we'd do it i just i thought we'd get maybe two or three points then that was it but we smashed it good job team right thank you for watching guys as i mentioned give me a like if you liked it subscribe if you knew i'll see you next time bye-bye guys we've got 48 infantry kills i'm happy with that i'll take that one


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