Battlefield 2042 Massive changes incoming


little tip for you here progression is enabled again on the solo and Co-op modes in Battlefield 2042. this means that you can load up a game of breakthrough or conquest and shoot the AI to unlock all of the attachments for guns and vehicles if you want to it's also a great place to practice flying if you want to try and get better at that also I did show this on stream the other day but this has to be one of the most inventive portal experiences I've seen so far this was created by Andy bohem and if you want to try it for yourself the code is aajy99 Andy has created awingsuit course where you fly through Rings which are checkpoints made up of bots I don't even know how you would go about starting to do that with the logic editor pretty insane really that this kind of thing is possible and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else people come up with dice have just revealed some upcoming changes and updates as well for BF 2042 that should roll out soon potentially by the end of this week including hovercraft Nerf's weapon spread adjustment and more there's some interesting stuff here we're also going to be looking at optimizing your game on PC for better performance and more so patches then this has all come from the new official Battlefield communication Twitter account we got some insight into what's next for the game let's have a look now Soldier revives we're confident that we've identified the cause of the issuethat was preventing you from always getting off a revive particularly when a player is in close proximity to nearby geometry a fix for this is on the way I'd argue that this is one of the most annoying bugs in the game right now for players both giving and receiving revives hopefully this update can solve that it continues separately we're closing in on a possible server-side fix for players who in rare circumstances find themselves unable to respawn if that server side fix doesn't stick we already have a further solution lined up for our upcoming update interesting that they can use this new server-side update system to have a crack at fixing that instead of having to push a client-side patch we'll see if it works out of course next up hovercrafts the Bane or joy of our existence depending on if you're in one or on the receiving end of one they're stupidly good right now A catch-all and I'd argue a more effective vehicle than tanks which just doesn't make any sense in a Battlefield game here's what dice said vehicle balancing the lcaa hovercraft will be re-equipped with lighter armor lowering its healthand we're tuning down some of its Weaponry the nightbird will have similar tuning done on its Weaponry too we're keeping a close eye on early balance for future changes so it looks like they've acknowledged the balance problems with the hovercraft and nightbird helicopter I think the issue with the night bird for me is the 70 millimeter anti-personnel rocket pack which is obviously way too good and when playing as infantry if you get hit by most of the helicopters weapons it appears to apply a slow effect to your character which means escaping or countering becomes incredibly difficult at times the bolt with the 30 millimeter cannonshould also be monitored too as I think that is almost as op as the hovercraft it's just that not many people have unlocked it yet but I guarantee you'll be killed a lot more by it soon they signed off by saying we'll keep you updated here on further fixes and changes we have coming in our next update these changes are more presently scheduled for deploy at the end of next week so that was last week so that means maybe we'll get it Thursday or Friday alongside this dice lead game designer drunksy added some additional context and replied to community members on Twitter sharing their concerns with certain aspects of the game in regards to PC optimization the team is well aware of the feedback as previously mentioned there's a fix coming for revive is not working and bugging out in the game they're working on adding options for Icon transparency and scaling for the user interface gunblum will receive changes and they've already done a change on their side but it's a matter of getting the changes in to an upcoming update a fix is coming for the stuck in Crouch issue 2 as well as the stuck in downstate fix the ability to see where nearby Medics are is returning in an upcoming update hit registration issues are being worked on as well finally from drunksy aim assist is being looked at I don't know specifically what but I've personally heard a lot of console and controller players complaining that the game has very little aimless so could be related to that moving on optimizations if you play on PC you'll know that the game runs poorly even on high-end systems low frame rates and heavy input lag make for a rough experience especially on 128 player game modes it would appear that there's a memory leak too as the longer you play the worse FPS that you getoutside of the usual tweaks like overclocking your CPU GPU and memory restarting your game every few matches that seems to help for me there's a fewother things you can try in addition a content creator called Freaky who tests and optimizes games and windows on PC recently made an optimization guide for Battlefield including a config file that you can test out for yourself now I've personally tried that config file and it definitely improved my FPS input lag is still pretty nasty but at least I got a boost in frame rate of 1440p which is the resolution that I typically play on I've linked his guide down in the description below if you'd like to try it out finally for today I don't usually pay any attention to this kind of stuff and many of my long-term viewers won't have even noticed it but it has been excessive for me over the last week week and it's appeared in my YouTube comments too there has been several threads about the content that I create here on the battlefield 2042 subreddit since the Early Access of the game started there's a ton of negativity and we're going to take a look at some of that now as I don't think that these people actually watch any of my videos or streams there's also many wild assumptions and conspiracy theories here too let's take a look Jack Frags has been silent has anyone else noticed that the big Battlefield YouTubers seem to be completely ignoring the issues going on in the game when bf5 had its issues for example it felt like everyone on the platform immediately spoke out about it yet this time around people like Jack Frags and Westie seemed to completely ignore the awful state of the game without even commenting about it it almost feels like a disservice to the community by not using the platform they have to openly speak out to dice about what they truly feel maybe it is completely normal but I'm pissed when I see content creators like Jack frag saying that the game is fine and the next day genuinely say that the game is terrible this just makes me think they care only about money and change opinion when they want in order to to make money probably many of you will disagree but keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I don't force anyone to have the same as me did Jack say it was fine in his previous videos just seemed to show gameplay or features not his personal opinion on the game he didn't say it was fine but he ignored all ofthe issues Jack Frags yo yay everybody is saying that I'm only talking about positive stuff about the game I know you don't want me to talk about the negative stuff but can I do it only once please please please EA sci-fi but only once Jack Frags for sure is the number one suspect biggest fan base and hasn't really put out any criticism just paid EA Creator Network videos yes if content creators are getting sponsored by Gaming companies theyaren't going to talk bad about the game like jackfrags for example Jack Frags reveals it after the game is released its BSC is very reserved if you all think he isn't getting some type of Kickback as a content creator or has had a temp contract in limitations of opinions and wording you are all delusional AF I unsubbed Jack Frags after this he lost all credibility with me as far as I'm concerned By ignoring the glaring issues with this game he keeps promoting it with videos and I think with the following like his he should have the balls to come out and point these things out over totally ignoring it and misleading his fans he's clearly under some kind of contractthe last two videos were sponsored by EA and Nvidia it's like Jack renewed his contract this release for something LOL he was critical in a way of BFI but radio silent on 2042 I don't like this agreed I think he took a payday because he would have had a totally different reaction in Prior yearswatch their streams I find a lot of the honesty is found in their streams and never never in their regular five to ten minute videos that were sponsored by EA Jack Frags has obviously been paid his recent videos are obvious let's look over here instead of over their type videos ignoring the issues and doing silly tours of the maps mate this guy isa BF YouTuber and hardly mentioned  anything bad about the game in any recent video or stream he's obviously contracted to not speak on anything negative they totally are being quiet just look at Jack Frags a guy who's been playing every Battlefield to date is now just casually playing and posting videos of him having fun in 2042 and not a single mention of any issues he's been so paid off he even says in his video's description sponsored by EA people need to wake up and realize how much powercan money bring in today's media and  people here in this sub are the most woke people already about Battlefield The Joke is on You to believe they're Shilling in the first place they're hookers for EA especially that turd who somehow has over 3 million Subs I haveno idea how people can tolerate that  moron's videos LOL I just watched his video yesterday and I was in complete awe how he started talking about how crazy the destruction is it's like Dice and EA saw that one Reddit post that brought a Patek demo and how it's completely out of the game and they went to Jack and told him to make a video on how great destruction is in the game itgoes on and on and on that's just some of the examples let's look at the content that I put out in the Early Access period where I actually got to play the game in a live environment November 11th first day of Early Access penguin Easter egg video November 13th live stream sponsored by epic games November 14th live stream sponsored by EA November 17th insane details in the game sponsored by Nvidia November 18th live stream sponsored by EA November 19th feedback video with some impressions of the game after the day one patch an official launch of the game here's some clips from those live streams earlier in the week we had some fun and great moments for sure but also ran into many bugs performance problems and frustrations when you zoom in as well the frame rate goes so low like it just feels horrible with the high powerZoom scopes like it drops like 10 FPS ugh

it needs a lot of optimization man


actually feels so awful I'm sorry I know it probably sounds like I'm throwing excuses out but aiming is just horrible like this UI needs a massive Improvement there's so many clicks you have to make you should just be able to click here like if I wanted to customize that site there for example my brain says you can click this you can't you have to go sight and then you can change it and then you have to go back the mainproblem for me on PC is performance I  think that needs addressing I have some issues with the UI as well in the menus and in the game I think it's a good base to start withthere's a lot of bugs though a lot of  glitches hopefully they get those fixed ASAP some lag with the servers I'm alsonot a big fan of the spread on the guns but it still felt quite bad then on that last level I also don't know how many guns are in it scale back it feels very little yeah it's definitely like an underwhelming amount of guns I'm not like I think they should just start adding some of the BF3 guns because why not like they could still be used in the year 2042 a lot of those weapons hey Rami are you swimming with your 3090 yes but I'm streaming off a different PC my gaming PC isn't doing anything but playing the game it's just the optimization's not great right now for the game oh my God this UI oh so many guys so many guys so many guys that was a mistake heavy barrel yeah see that I don't want to change now because I set up the M4 so I don't want to waste half my day setting up a second one Jack what do you make of the Gunplay weapon Bloom I don't like it I think most of the guns have got too much Bloom and spread on themthe only like decent feeling gun in this  game is the pp the rest of them sometimes especially at distance just feel like you're just like what's a good way of explaining it I was gonna say pissing in the wind I feel like the gunsin the beta were better my progression doesn't track import or team death much yeah they disabled it for now Donovan because people were making XP farming servers but they need to figure out a solution to this because they promise that you could have progression on Portal and it's been disabled for the last two or three days so you know they need to come up with a solution pretty quick like the the problem with the hovercraft is that it's armored it's got a smoke Escape it's quick it's got a anti-infantry grenade launcher it's got also anti-vehicle weapons if you want it takes no damage to minigun fire and also me personally I fired plenty of Rocket shots at hovercraft and they just dust they don't do any damage and I don't know if that's a server problem or isthat a problem specific to hovercrafts but the amount of times I've hit hovercrafts with rocket launchers andyou see the explosion but you don't get a hit Mark I mean you don't do any damage that's happened way too much for me like God that's awful yeah but it wasn't by a sniper that's a really bad bug as well when people are dead near walls you can't revive them Marcel thank you for the two months it's the plus system bug because I can't switch ammo times I just do a broken wrist animation it might be there's a lot of things broken in the game right now so it's just behind that tree you got me thank you oh third person mode that's bugged I'm back I don't think I've hated a vehicle morein a Battlefield game with these stupid hovercrafts honestly I can't stand them oh how did that not do any damage it was right on it so annoying it's really annoyingframe rate's quite low here like look at  that top left gives you a lot of like micro stuttering and inconsistency in the mouse movement as I said I'm sure they'll optimize it I hope so anyway it should be a priority I think I need to be able to see teammates andmedics in this screen as well get them  doggo get him self yeah like I've got no I don't know if I should hold on to my revive here or not okay there we go you need to be able to see how far away your your teammates are disables the hood see sometimes the Gunplay just clicks like that and then other times you just get so much spread that it feels weird everyone's on about 22 guns but how many guns does Halo have different type of game though merciless Halo's an arena shooter Battlefield players are so used to having like a lot more Choice as well when it comes to guns at launch so it's not just my real gangster that PC performance is not good for this game yet I'll be happy with 120 consistently but when it starts dropping to like 60 70 for me as a PC player that feels really horrible the mouse sensitivity is all inconsistent and sluggish you start to get more input lag yeah that was the dmrj team my frame rate is so bad though that on that map like it just feels awful to shoot I really really really hope they optimizethe game on PC because it makes the mouse feel horrible are they hiding in this golf ball so what happened then as well is very small but I ads'd and I have toggle ads on right so when I right click once it should stay aimed in it unzoomed me that's happened several times tonight so I think that's a bug as well happens more with the pistol oh that bug's still in the game where enemies can change sorry friendlies can change their enemies have you seen that like this guy's got an enemy skin because it's red and I don't have the UI for it what the hell it happened once yesterday with a vehicle as well like I was trying to take out a helicopter and I was like why isn't this taking any damage and I realized that that bug can also apply to vehicles I wanted to putthis clip into this is from the battlefield 2042 open Beta back in October and this stream was sponsored by Nvidia what do I think is the biggest net negative of the game so far I think perhaps it's lost some of its identity as a Battlefield game moving away from the class system it's given people a lot more choice and creativity in how they play but at the same time it's it's lost some of that core Battlefield identity you know that's what makes Battlefield unique compared to a lot of other games it still has a lot of Battlefield in it this game for sure like it's got a Sandbox it's got Vehicles 128 players a bit of Destruction you know no other game really does that the same but I think losing the classes maybe as diminished teamwork a bit too much than it should have done apart from that it'sthe UI like I just wish I could change it I still think it's inherently fun and I'm you know I'm gonna play it a lot when it comes out we'll see I mean when all 10 Specialists are in and you're playing with your friends team play might come back a bit but I think for the Casual random player on their own they're not really going to get much team play the thing is it won't change I know a lot of people have been saying look change the specialist so that they are part of a class and you have to pick a specialist class to have a certain Gadget rather than one specialist gets one unique Gadget I don't think that's gonna happen because the specialist support of the monetization system and the you know the live service and it's all wrapped up together so I don't see that changing whilst I understand that many people don't watch my live streams or live stream vods to say that I'm only seeing positive things about the game ignoring the issues and can't be critical or share my real opinions because of some imaginary contract are ridiculous I'm literally showing bugs and providing feedback and criticism in the sponsored streams I'm going to repeat that all of the clips that you just saw were from sponsored streams at least do some research and watch my content first that's all I'm asking I think a lot of these people fixated on the insane details video that I posted and just looked at that out of context this video was posted after two of those YouTube streams that you've just seen some clips from and was sponsored by Nvidia a company that makes graphics cards and this was agreed three months ago it's the typical type of video that I usually make when a new Battlefield game releases looking at cool details in the game some Easter eggs mini Revolution moments myth busting Etc it's the kind of video that I really enjoy creating the talking points in this sponsored video are using dlss technology at 4K Ultra settings and Nvidia reflex the sponsored messaging in it has nothing to do with Dyson EA and it's clearly not a review of the game or a comparison to older games I even mentioned that dlss may or may not give you a performance jump at 1080P or 1440p because of this game being CPU bottlenecked dlss doesn't do anything for my PC at 1440p also I feel like this should be common sense and go without saying but it's okay to appreciate good and bad parts of a product especially in art forms like video games focusing on interesting details in a piece of content doesn't mean that you're ignoring problems in others and ultimately I can create whatever I want on my own channel additionally YouTube titles and thumbnails are for the YouTube algorithmthey're designed to get you to click the video and watch the content of the video is for you that's the most important part to pay attention to wrapping up as I said in the feedback video after the day one patch where I spelled out all of my issues with bf2042 the game clearly isn't finished in its current state and it should not have launched like this I hope that you can get a refund if you bought the game and feel let down by it I feel sorry for the developers and there's obviously a problem with the studio or the publisher that they didn't choose to delay to a later date or get good Hands-On feedback or mass testing on the current state of the game before going live with it as a community I think we can do better as well I've seenseveral people attacking and throwing insults at developers on their personal accounts and the same people then complain when developers never respond I've always also seen people be attacked for simply saying that they enjoy the game yes there are lots of parts of this game that are broken but that doesn'tmean someone can't enjoy it and you attacking them for saying that they do isn't going to change how they feel I've always been fair and constructive with my feedback for 10 years now on YouTube I've stuck with this franchise and I believe in delivering that feedback in a professional and reasonable manner if you don't like how I do that then that's okay I just want you to know that this notion that I'm avoiding saying bad things about 2042 isn't true as I've just shown you and there's no fear of losing sponsorship or burning anyBridges with EA or any other company that sponsors my content for that matter there's no secret contract and every piece of sponsored content for 2042 has been disclosed the only sponsored content I've done with EA for this game were those two live streams from last week and my only obligations for those streams was to play the game for four hours in total I could have sat there in silence and just played it if I wanted to additionally please don't attack any of the Reddit users that were featuredin this video they're entitled to say  what they said that's all I'll keep you guys updated on any updates and patches for the game as we learn about them and I do have a lot more content planned for this game so look out for that too I apologize for my voice as well I think I overdid it last week with live streams and videos If you enjoyed the video leave a like if you didn't or dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one


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