ARMA Reforger Gameplay and Impressions


welcome to armor reforger this one was a bit of a surprise about 30 minutes ago bohemia interactive who make the armor series of video games drop the live stream announced the game and at the same time released it on steam and i think it's also on the xbox preview program the insider program you've got to pay for it i paid 25 quid for it on steam and this is actually doing some really interesting things whilst it's not arma 4 the developers did say that they areworking on armor for so if you're into operation flashpoint and the armor games that's good news but this is actually the new engine that bohemia have made and arma 4 will be running on this engine and what reforger is is essentially a multiplayer sandbox using the new engine and the main goals of it are to test the technology the performance and also allow the community to get stuck in with mods

different scenarios that they can create using this thing called the game master that's in the game and just see what they come up with now on pc of course you've got full mod support and in the live stream they did actually show a program called blender which you can use to make 3d models and it seemed like a seamless communication between the two you made the model and you can easily put it into the game engine i've got to grab some ammunition here so there are already a couple of multiplayer game modes in this that you can play it's up to 64 players at the moment and this is a game mode called conflict well that's the main game mode at the moment i suppose got a crouch take out these other targets and it's essentially a mix of battlefield hell let loose squad and you've got to go around capturing various different objectives building things building supply lines depots using vehicles getting firefights teamwork and this tutorial is actually a decent showcase of some of the mechanics in the game and of course you know you guys get to just see what it is what it looks like i'm playing this on pc by the way this is maxed out on 1440p and if you've played any of the armorgames a lot of the controls are very similar right you've got all you can look around enter does your third person you've got your ads prone all that good stuff right we've got to jump into the vehicle here and because this is kind of like a simulation game you've got stuff like this where if you get into a vehicle you've got to turn the engine on you can also turn the lights on get the jeep started and off we go drive up to the final firing position here and now we can look behind us and we should be able to switch to the gunner seat there and we'll take out these targets just eyeballing it there you can aim as well mouse isn't exactly perfect yet but it will do we'll get back in the driver's seat and the engine on and away we go we've got to go to point alabama it is actually marked on the map and on the ui here with this being the tutorial they are spoon feeding you a bit to teach you the game's mechanics


it's a cold war setting that's the base of the game so 1980s so you've got some modern ish weapons and vehicles in here i'm going to head to the next objective here it does look like an absolutely massive map i've got a handbrake yeah i do oh god i'm reversing beep beep we'll head up here there's a little bit of destruction as well exit the jeep to skip to the next objective here we go teleport okay so this is a military site and in the conflict game mode i think this is like a spawn point or an area that you can capture maybe i'm going to go to the armory for a quick overview here you can freely just load up to meet the tactical requirements of an objective i've got a rocket launcher there it's like a sword isn't it m249 i get it yeah i did oh baby and what's that there scroll down replace the m16 oh wow there's some visual bugs there still work in progress everything is purple i'll move ahead just quick look at thethird person animations here back to first person i prefer playing these kind of games in first person so this is the vehicle depot and these can spawn light vehicles as it says they're very useful when no other forms of transport are available of course you've got that massive map and sometimes there might be a capture point down here a long way to go and now we're going to move on to thecommand building i think they said they're going to add stuff like helicopters as well it's just light vehicles right now light armored vehicles jeeps that kind of thing but as i mentioned this is really a test bed the foundation for armor for and modding of course i mean if you follow any armor back in the day dayz was an armored mod that became huge i'd imagine the bohemia probably working on a dayz2 on this new engine and the performance is really good i'm getting really nice fps here in conflict you can disrupt enemy communications by securing structures such as this so we essentially have to go into builds like this and then establish a new base and that's how you will capture that part of the map open the map any locations with icons in blue are controlled by us forces those in red belong to the soviet army green indicates sites held by non-state actors hostile to all sides if an icon is yellow it represents an unknown faction now we've got to head over to the motor pool i mean i remember playing a mod called wasteland as well which i think was for arma 2 which was great it was like one of the first ever timers i played like a massive large scale pvp game where you go around in the squad and you would have objectives within that squad and fight players but also ai that was kind of cool so this is the motor pool and we can request vehicles from here if i go over to the board there's some nice little pictures there someone the devs we're going to request the supply truck and there it is and we're going to get in and drive it i think the ignition it's in a different spot here it's a bit longer to well er up this one look at that it's a nice looking truck isn't it anyways we're gonna go over to the dedicated storage spot here and get some supplies so we park it here we can use these supplies to build things exit the vehicle go around the back we're going to load 1000 asphalt get those in look around a bit while that's going on as well i think the more supplies you put in there the longer it takes right makes sense also the supplies are now in the truck and we've got to go over to point alaska that's in the village of shotane or chotay

go ahead there now and talking about mods as well like battle royale that was an armor mod it was one of the first battle rail games that i ever played that's huge now massive genre it's just gonna be so cool to see what people come up with for this because after watching the presentation they really are going all in on the mod support and they just want to see what people create and i think it's quite rare really to get a game like this in today's gaming climate where it's just like yeah you can just mod whatever you want a lot of the aaa titles have ditched that mentality taking the control away from the users but it seems like bohemia have stuck to their guns with this and they're just allowing you to do whatever you like with it okay so now that we're here i think we can actually build something here so if we go to start building we've got the a thousand supplies that we loaded and you can use this area as a forward operating base something like that if you've played hell at least or squad you'll know what these kind of things are and we're gonna build a new vehicle depot there it is and now we can use this as a spawning point for more vehicles should we ever need them okay now we're gonna head further down the road and we're gonna look at some of the cool stuff that you can build you can just hold w as well if you want to start the ignition you don't have to look until the engine on so nice little accessibility feature there any destruction a little bit of destruction i've gone right into the tree 150 meters away this does remind me a lot of daisy what about you guys but i've got the feels it's just nice to play a game like this where the fps is good as i mentioned okie doke oh my goodness i cannot driveokay we've made it get out so we're gonna have to build a bunker here sandbag bunkerbuild the machine goodness as well there it is and now we're going to go ahead and build that checkpoint so in multiplayer you could use this as a defensive position taking cover behind the sandbags here sniping people as they try and push your operating base right back in we go okay we made it i'm gonna put a checkpoint here medium road checkpoint i put some little tank traps down as well and a stop sign i don't think anyone's going to pay attention to that but whatever and then if we exit the construction mode you got to come to the back cancel the build there we go and that's permanently there look at the objectives we've got to go capture laryn's arizona so we'll accept that and if i was in a squad they would see that mission there you go friendly units will be informed about your current objective and can join you in your efforts you'll also earn battlefield promotions and progress your career faster while completing objectives in this manner and now we're going to head over to the capture point near the town and then we're going to do a bit of orienteering yes as you can see on the map it doesn't show you where you are it shows you where objectives are but you've got to use your compass to get around oh there we of a bit of speed go oh god oh careful nearly flipped it brewing it just a bit of smoke i know it's fine that's just the exhaust isn't it are we living the dream okay so here is the capture point arizona get out we made it we're gonna establish comms with hq here and as it says there if this was an actual multiplayer macho scenario you're gonna have to fight for this it won't be so easy the goal of the conflict game mode is to seize the command building in your enemy's main operating base this can be only achieved incrementally military sites can only be secured if they'rewithin your faction's radio signal range therefore it's crucial to take objectives to expand your side signal range mobile command use can also be deployed there's one situated nearby but to find it you'll need to demonstrate some basic navigation skills okay remember your time in the scouts open the compass orient yourself north that's this way zoom in look at it like that slowly rotate until the black line points to the number 140 we're gonna come all the way around here looking southeast there it is farm there is a large white farmhouse through the forest by following your azimuth reading of 140 you'll come across it so we're going to head in this direction and see if we can find that white farm building if we look on the map so this is where we are at the moment i'm guessing it's going to be this down here i will say it's quite realistic doesn't it lighting could be a bit better though i think just seems a bit too harsh at the moment maybe it's the time of day i think it's got a full day night cycle and everything like that all that good stuff now watch out for bears though i don't think they're in the game yet so nearly through the woods here and i think it should be right here up over the fence there see what's inside blair witch is the firehouse good going the grid reference for the building on your map is zero seven six zero fifty the mobile command unit is over on grade zero seven seven zero four six but this is just marked on your map it's now on you to get there okay so we need to get to zero seven seven zero four six


so that's where we are at the moment it's down here isn't it yeah so we've got zero seven seven zero four six yeah that's it it's that building so if we follow the road take a left and follow that all the way we should get to the mobile command unit there start this up who's doing the gears that road here yeah we take a left follow this all the way around around the corner isn't it yeah here it is look at that the mobile command unit take a long range radio from the back  grab radio in conflict heavier mana portable radios like this one allow support units to respawn in your vicinity providing you within your fractured signal range let's test it out okay radio selection turn on adjust the 60 hertz that's it hold caps radio communication


remember you can use your radio to communicate with other squads on the battlefield each group will have its own designated frequency and can be reached as long as you're in your faction's signal range so i presume that if that's real match with real people you'll be talking to real people over the radio okay let's get the mobile command unit up and running interact with the rear and deploy it watch out for snipers it could be anywhere and that's deployed all the while it's transmitting your signal range is extended and other friendly forces can spawn nearby if you check your map you'll see you can now stage an assault on the enemy's main operating base thanks to your increased coverage oh so it's a requirement then they said california didn't they that's it to complete the tutorial moving on point california and reconfigure the radio in the command building so we've got to go southwest almost direct southwest and we'll get there all right let's jump back in we'll go complete the tutorial turn my face in okay i've got to go over there basically coming through goodbye mobile command unit i will miss you big tower in the distance there somewhere so i saw it i've just driven into a rock or an idiot always look in the direction that you're going good advice i learned that from my driving instructor not that it helped that much but there you go should be just up ahead again in a real multiplayer match you'll be fighting other people as you enter this it won't be as easy as just diving on in there reconfigured the radio station inside the radio installation sees the base the one with the flag outside i think okay i'm just gonna kill the uh the enemies here triple kill they're all dead oh there's a tank over there tank's dead very good sector clear come on boys we're taking the building flashbang boom it's upstairs i think in here yeah there it is established the cons with the hq and i think this will complete the tutorial maybe i shouldn't shoot the radio while i'm using it i like how the gun is still sticking up in the air like that midday enemy hq secured tutorial complete excellent work we did it guys yeah hopefully that should give you a good idea of what type of game this is if you've never played the armor games before maybe you found this useful like i said multiplayer's up here server browser we've got the game master where you can make your own stuff different scenarios they've built capture and hold conflict all sorts of good stuff in here but there it is that's armor reforger let me know what you think down below thank you for watching guys if you enjoyed leave a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more see you next time bye


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