Aliens Fireteam is surprisingly good


yeah the bridge extended Jack extending the bridge hostile's incoming oh this is gonna be good oh Bridge Road safe I'm coming to you let's go we have to get across it yeah oh nocome there everywhereoh got that bye get to my stim station I'm here I'm here I'm gonna put Atari down and send you turret going down bye oh really what lovely work left side beam time lovely beam uh what is it is the bridge down yeah Jesus Christ let us through ages keep him back oh God oh God okay I'm gonna put my mind down oh they're on fire open my ability right cross and secure LZ go go go go go go go go go go go go I don't have any ammo in my smart gun it's like inbound 11 seconds ago right now we gotta cross the bridge before we get the airstrike you kidding I'm not gonna make it Chuck you'll make it I don't think I'm gonna make it there he goes oh my God that is sick I put some missiles in as well I mean that'll take care of the aliens dude that was really cool welcome to aliens fire team and a big thanks to focus entertainment for sponsoring the video today so this game came out last August and it released on PC and console and I didn't get a chance to play it back then but having jumped on it recently to check it out there's a lot of fun to be had here and they've absolutely nailed the look and sound of the aliens franchise so this game is a three-player co-op game with different campaigns classes weapons and abilities and you fight your way through waves of enemies in varying shapes and sizes I think there's 20 different enemy types in total and after four seasons of free content updates they've just released a new DLC for the game called pathogen including a new campaign with three New Missions it's also got eight new weapons one new perk for each class kit along with a load of other stuff too and if you're interested in checking that out it's linked down in the description below so with that said I'm going to show you my first baby steps in the game now with Tommy and Adam from two angry Gamers guiding me through and we had an absolute blast here and I think you guys will enjoy this if you do like it leave a like and a comment below thank you and I'll serve you a question aliens is it the best action movie 

ever let me know in the comments below you look like you yeah I'm a lady yeah we don't like ourselves I'm a lady you say so and the vicious librarian you would never expect to be violent deadly with a shotgun um come look at this oh here we go who wins another again another one this is their playing poker yeah so we got an eight an eight of space an eight of clubs a queen of hearts The Two Of Diamonds a tennis plays and an eye on the diamonds and this guy's got a nine well we can't see what the other guys I don't know what he's got yeah well this guy's got a nice Supreme worth again ten less than the king that's 39. what I can see right now is there's eight nine ten on the table so if someone had a jack that'd be eight nine ten Jack Queen but this guy's got a Jack if he has a Jack he gets to straight but otherwise it's his pair of nines uh this guy's got this that's it just a pair of nines this is a rescue mission you're boarding katanga a derelict orbital Refinery locate security right Dr Tim heinekiller I know him watch out watch out oh hello coming get checking behind us yeah all that smart gun that's incredible yes your head shot him you get a lovely uh flourish on the uh enemies there's also no friendly fire that you can add friendly fire with cards I believe oh no yeah you remember the horror yeah yeah I remember the horror why would you do that did you get more expert yeah more is three more credits if you use so there's certain cards you can get that give you a negative effect but they give you an idea later and what about this beam there you go oh God that look great I don't oh I've got I've got the green stuff on me no that's alien blood mate well but they'll burn through everything you can't my cat I didn't bring my caps oh I don't have a cat I'm not the exits oh is that cover as well your guy particularly he wants to be in cover for five seconds oh look you remember these guys from uh other assaulted alien game I'm here to help oh God I hated those things just seeks and robots isolation yeah thank you I like the smart girl because I don't have to bother aiming anymore I just goes that's fine yeah that's normal so there's three heavy guns hey oh God big boy where oh wow that's a proper idea that's a real that's real oh no the Drone is like the you know the alien from Alien these little ones are the ones from Aliens which are pathetic there's no bosses then is there yeah the queen boy oh God the Drone drone yeah so he's basically like the alien from Alien and all these little ones the little dogs from Aliens that's more or less ours despair is in Alien 3 technically so do I get a buff when I'm in cover then yeah you get stacks of OverWatch which might come up on the screen somewhere maybe that 15 bonus is it yeah that's it that's giving you stability and accuracy and damage I think it's made the shotgun a lot more effective oh my God yes ah behind oh God get him get him get him let's go look at me I like that oh God you think aliens is the best action movie one of the best for sure and then alien is one of the best like isolation horror movies so yeah what's up there yeah 80s action movies you don't really get much better than aliens no it's very satisfying this game we're just mowing them all down yeah it's good I like how the sound change as well when I was nearly empty on the ammo what do you want when you get home wow what the hell he's in pieces Century gun there it is I'll put that there

what's this one incendiary rounds is that just enabled by itself that just that adds a MAG of ammo to your gun oh nice when you need it when it's when it starts kicking off get into cover man oh yeah that's set in My Fire look at that yes hold the line here get yourself and Kevin get that OverWatch buff again putting some mines down 15 he goes on two I'm gonna stick next to you so I can give you my buff as well I burst it I've got a med station that sort of has charge in it like that flower mechanics in this game there's ammo here so it should be all right I swear I just heard the predator no as far as I know there's been no crossover event as of yet a big lady no he's a big lady isn't it oh he's got me it's got me oh my God Tom I don't want to see his other mouth I've stunned it

that's lovely studying yeah they can do an instant kill on you if they grab you oh good in the elevator get out of there man that was a big one there's a big lady yeah in the elevator never mind him fall back ah bomb get in here yes what is this one there we go 2xp 2x credits alloyed chamber 100 I've got a machine gun and a muzzle break oh you didn't find the hidden cache but you can put attachments on the guns can you and that increases their performance as well well I mean I could buy rocket launcher there's loads of new heavy guns there's an impact grenade launcher a microburst launcher avaria heavy launched a single shot railgun M59 minigun Jack I think that one's a railgun I don't know I'm gonna get it I bought the railgun there's a muzzle here that adds a chance to briefly stun enemies yeah that's going on plasma rifle is it right out there it's a rescue mission Colonial jump scare there right at the start I don't know I've got a plasma gun of some kind what's behind could be some secrets no I checked all right he wants to don't go off alone Jack that was horrible for a squat no low balls here are we stuck here yeah it's a mechanical problem with the door okay that's all right it's they're fixing it I believe in the team who's fixing it we're the team another support team you know I'm the calm the man in the chair they're coming again go go let's open let's go careful of the working shows God aliens oh that's actually a really useful ability Monica where are you Jesus is that a big lady or something he doesn't like you she's here oh God Elite drone I see Thomas White get it it's Monica oh it's on me Monica's got me die Monica ow what the I just went away that one knows me fine was that an A10 Thunderbolt outside your house is there a Jonesy Easter egg in this can we see the cat there might be this there is a few Easter eggs certainly like to stroke the cap let's buy me slimy what oh I don't even know where I'm going hang on oof water that's not good is this water looks wet yeah half of the slimies a bit of liquid metal isn't it here they come


prefer not to have to aim oh there's a certain Channel about that it's more mowing it reminds me of Panzer Dragoon on the Sega Saturn played that when I was a kid Dolly that's a weird reference I love that game so much he did it they did a relatively new one a year or so back you're joking is it good I think so oh why must you jostle inside just stay down the jostler my Corridor get your own Corridor no all right fine there's no one down my car though also careful because we've got to escort Hanukkah he's behind look oh yeah he's here oh yeah they're in the water now ah babe it just kills everything on the screen in front of you that does that's what you want really isn't it yeah on a car uh hi they're dropping in oh there's many down here ah now oh look assistant amongst them oh just get through it hold this side Dodge can we kill him no don't kill him that's fine you see the Grimace he's the mission wait did that actually yes he's got a helper yes that's right he can die and then we lose why are you like this it's fine the thing is healing him

yeah oh God it's red foreign I reckon there's a cash down there but different oh there is there's ammo okay I'm gonna um let me use uh we did the thing before where I think like yeah I'm gonna use a med pack and then ow a cryogrid all right yeah put stuff down I've got it love that oh that's the cryo mine rile mine let's slow them down yes what's the beeping dude it's running out of juice I think um I don't know actually I don't like what are you doing yeah Hanukkah is absolutely Chad go go let me see oh that's a lovely beam that I like the new classical that's cool beaming class be gone oh help me guys so help myself I'm shot gonna get Space off tanky that thing die you ugly I'm alone they're just they're beautiful in their own way it does not look like a duck to me let's go let's go let's go let's go go go moving fire and moving fire yes yes out oh look at this there we go oh my God careful of Monica she might be coming back no no no no no no no no I want to make it clear at some point it's gonna tell us to Evac if you don't Evac reply I believe it spawns endless amounts of those horrible drones that you can barely kill so we have to go then don't yeah because before we were like oh we'll stay and see if we can kill some and uh you definitely can't so this is the final fight then oh yeah we've got to get on the board the uh this boy in the pipe five by five that's cool eight centuries uh wait I'm gonna hit I'm gonna heal you guys up here this is a final stand no well we're no I want to help yeah pick up out here okay [ __ ] die on us now all right let's spread the mines out then that turrets for it I try to put it on top of the thing and it it's about probably a good going there I'm gonna pop down turret somewhere pop them on the side yeah I tried to and I missed it now it's got on the floor


come around this side I don't know about that does it turn around yeah it does it can pivot wait where's your cryogrid uh cryogrid is here I'm gonna put one down here then okay it's time for aliens why is Hanukkah following me go away I don't want you

look cuddle Zach all right Bryce get into cover man why'd you suck the monster me go away all right take Monica you got him you got him the girl's not old I'm gonna preserve my ammo this is a solid defense so far this is just the beginning more I say if you use a bit more to your left one I can get you on my uh that's it now you're both within Reigns me and I I buff you just by being near you oh there's a Prowler on the top uh matched him up and you can see the ammo account above the centuries as well yeah I love that missile strike die yeah you like that Monica pressurize the Hydraulics where's where's that what doyou mean to do that um how do we get there no no I'm gone don't worry about me what do you mean the drones coming bomb what do you mean you're gone Adam where did you go he's gone to pressurizer left centuries it's okay I'm fine left Center is gone drone drone instead


a return to save you all you go do the objective yeah you gotta yeah you did it underneath Monica just shoot me oh there's an alien oh it was an alien uh the left side seems to be quite critically grumbling yeah the century gun's gone unlock the main bay doors oh Jack that's on you okay I'm going that go how do I get up there this way using your legs there's aliens I'm releasing the safety locks done thank you that's a big lad oh God uh he's quite strong what the hell oh my God that was excellent try I got this guys oh Tommy cover me where is it at the top you have it I'm doing it setting all clear I'll do that all right we're good get back to the ship go go with a bit slimy style I'm watching you there's lots of big slimies quick there's so many of them what the hell yeah there's no way you could fight that good job you tell me I mean what was actually grabbing me as we finish yeah ah safe I mean the only solution to that isn't it



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