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hello and welcome to some bf4 live gameplay commentary today we are playing on sunken dragon and I'm using non other the iconic f2000 as you can see here some beautiful looking gun why am I using it well I saw some talk on social media some tidbits about a potential new splinter cell game the Obi bar there leave him alone and Splinter Cell I think was the first game that really introduced me to this gun I hadn't seen it or heard about it before well you could use all kind of attachments on it and change it into lethal non-lethal it was just cool so I fancied loading up some bf here and maybe reliving some that splinter cell type what did I see well apparently someone who works at Ubisoft one of the devs tweeted that he was working on a new splinter cell game with a couple of different studios and he does some confusion like was it supposed to do it was he not supposed to do it was it just a joke is he trolling I hope not but I don't know the full story all I know is new Splinter Cell yes please it's been far too long hasn't it he thought he was gonna kill me then but this map I mean haven't played this for a very long time it's a cool map I love the design of this central area here this whole dlc have a lot of new assets in it really and i think this is a capture point isn't it bit of EDM what stylist sniper it's a bolt-action one no sir maybe not ideal for this kind of combat situation here but i was about to say well make the most of it unfortunately Csokas over there with his CSL r4 prone he added the plans but it feels like it's been so long since we got a splinter cell game doesn't it every year I go to the Ubisoft press conference at e3 am i okay right that was interesting it's gonna be this year it's gonna be this year and then it just never is but Ubisoft I mean they've announced what Ghost Recon there's rumors of a new watchdogs game I don't know if we'll get a new assassin screen this year though because I mean we had origins and then we had honestly right so how many dev teams do they have it feels like they're running out so I don't know if we're getting a new Assassin's Creed this year maybe next year ever since the rumors about the Vikings there's some leaked screenshots or apparently leaked screenshots of a Viking Assassin's Creed game I'll do it but up but this is a nice weapon man and I got the suppressor on it too because you know when you play bf4 bf3 unfortunately if you go loud you're on the mini-map I don't really fancy me I saw that guy go prone not a good idea now the sniper was back here wasn't either killed me is he still there is the question no I think he's moving maybe that sniper I just killed person who knows I feel like there's a sniper shooting at me right now away from got someone on the mini-map in front of me are you coming in I couldn't play get the last guy I had to squish there to my secondary scholar came in with the AEK the first time I played Splinter Cell when did that game come out man this has been so long the girl is still at high school and it barely ran on my PC at the time but I just seen a couple of trailers and I think I'd read the review in PC gamer or something and I just remembered it was that part way you could do a wall split you would climb on a pipe in like the first mission and then you could do a wall split and just hang there on the wall and that was stealth and the people underneath you would just never look up because about any people don't look up himself Gibbs such a cool experience that game I did see another one go up there it's nice though that there was still these beer fall servers running you know I'm dil C maps to falling towards a couple of enemies and if he's behind me okay dice he just walked me back well not much more I could do there wasn't that I was gonna vote overkill the Recon dice went Jack I don't I don't think so I know that you want to vote and everything but no not not today what is Jack Frank really why I got moved a porn star unfortunately not no that's not my current field of work
these a bit here man I like this guy's idea keep it sneaky little birds dangerous in this game he was running low on AMA I will revive you you give me a second I'm gonna get killed by that little bird oh I can feel it sir pressured secondary i dont like ladders in general in multiplayer games ladders just seem to put you at a big disadvantage hold most
one yeah always the way forward usually people that still quite little birds in bf4 and bf3 are very good as well what a chance a grenade there just cuz I saw him on the mini-map stairs are a better option and ladders usually because you can do little head glitches like that although they know we're there now so maybe go back to the ladder do I break my own rule our Jack frog is a youtuber I understand they miss off the S for some reason I don't like asses on this server I hate that lav I just just don't want it and anyway nearly where'd that guy go it's confused that can I get to that point without being killed by the LAV that's the question I need i'ma need that support player that was just right next to me a second ago somebody here dice okay that's me I'm dead unless I can go all the way around here seven bullets guys come on da bomb oh yeah mom Oh No the dolphin dive my guy went loud there's a guy behind me as well this is risky m98b to the back of the head and he throws it throws an suav out I mean that's the kind of player that you want on your team we're losing this point I like that it's a low-res story can I make it I believe I believe I believe okay we're in he's dead we did it reddit this is what I wanted get around the back hopefully we can get a couple of fine kills here oh ah there was one more guy I was gonna dominate that point with the f2000 man unfortunately because of the way the map is right now like all their team are there just drop me off in a nice position I'm the brief maybe let's see it that's it that's it that's it just drop me off on the roof and we are good to go is anyone else up here don't see anyone enemies down there I think someone else is looking at me down is it you more down there and tell you what they don't like me being up here I wouldn't like it either oh I know I shouldn't have exposed myself there damn it well there we go that's that game over but because that was quite a short game and I mean we really dominated it I think we're gonna do the next round too okay I found myself on hangar 21 and I'm currently cowering underneath the capture point playing the objective I think we're safe we're safe right let's go outside I like this map I've got good memories of this map it's cool very different in design isn't it to the I mean the rest of the maps in bf4 really pop our head outside here it's like we've just been born but it's bf4 and we're a soldier with an F mm I'm gonna shoot myself to f well that tack helicopter is mincing around oh you guys F let's do a high one jus we've got a good angle good trajectory there jump out did someone just launched a you cab then or something what was that I suppose doesn't go up in the air did you spot me surely not get stuck like he did let's drop down watch out for snipers because inevitably there will be some there right there's always snipers that's one thing that you need to learn when you play bf games or with snipers never forget I think we're gonna come to this point spoke too soon didn't I absolutely spoke too soon and they're stopping the burn now I don't like anymore guys I don't I don't want to fight anymore can't we just be friends enemy get yourself away mate I hear someone else above me maybe okay this is turning out to be quite the tactical play right here peekaboo gradually capturing it although I do hear a helicopter flying around so I don't know if they're they just exploded I'm pretty convinced that that explosion was they had a copter and we've got the point everything is shaking don't like that that was the lowest revive I've ever seen anyone doing a BF game ever he's got no idea where he's being shot from we need to get up high guys get the higher advantage yes more enemies to kill yes yes in the container back there are you still there why he's never seen a move like this before he just didn't he didn't figure it out did he he just had no idea that containers got to sides and he's fired I might get you I think I can get you you're good to go everything's fine and we got the point I mean he dropped quickly there didn't they opened up with a head shot oh it's a good shot look at these jets oh so nice didn't expect me on the side they all did you yeah you go capture that point I'm gonna go to this point instead there's someone on a stationary was that in water yeah forgot it looks like now the mini-map doesn't say in this game no no no not the thing no way you're gonna kill me with that I'm not having it call me down to 46 HP though I felt like I was a lot low there was a shot here guys I took the shot give me this is so frustrating stop that now give me a would shows on the other side it's pretty good pilot oh this guy I like it I mean he's very low lows bad to catch a rocket he's not careful and take off good job BB Cooper there's a guy down there whoa
f35 going home
now we're gonna take a hit that'll thing so well I fled what is this about see ya I'm gonna push pause the guy and take this guy out if I is gray isn't it I'm sure there was another guy here somewhere right there come back oh my god the dip the D me v12 finishes it unbelievable a shotgun of all things disgraceful can I make it up the tower and get the railgun without being killed isn't it possible I'm gonna catch it you come on I'll something stupid like that okay we did it reddit okay we got a target I always showed the cells on this I think got how good it sounds there's another one thing hey it's gone no idea she's got no idea
did he hear me was this spawn beacon where's he going I can't believe that you actually just you just got in there is that his new sniper spot although I'm gonna kill that I mean I must I have the knife this guy don't I just have to don't look at me whatever you do do not look at me okay here we go here we go here we go this is what we wanted this is what we wanted thank you oh no Johnny Bravo are nowhere no one expects Johnny Bravo hang on do I see device here little sniper up on the hill behind me I think someone is gonna get duped
there's a going all the way back here helicopter but I'm just I'm just trying to kill this sniper right everything is right with the world I accept my death that's a nice sky to die to if it's just the best point to fight over really it's just got everything it's got memes it's got enemies it's got things that shoot you into the air I mean really what what more do you want now the question is can I capture II without being killed by someone who's prone with an LMG it's a mad lad absolutely mad lads oh God oh that was lucky 32 HP feel like there's gonna be more here that guy's gonna want revenge it's not a you calf
it's the same guy he's gonna be really pissed now right we're capturing it there's an enemy on it though again hey surely our best buy it now surely they've heard me know I'm a stealing the omelet right now porn who's next ah I feel that there are still snipers over there you see where that W is the crosshair I just feel it guys in my loins I think the only way to properly deal with them is with the transport hello that's the only way but the question is are they here and if so where snipers like to hang around here there's one we found one we found one we found one he's actually repping it okay what a legend boy legend let's go oh I'd be so annoyed I would be is he gonna type something I don't even care if I die killed in action like that's really sealed the deal for me there it just has to be done I mean the round is nearly over we've had a great time you know the f2000 has really proved it's worth today as the master of the meme ten out of ten would recommend bf4 cheeky bit of bf4 on a Sunday not bad well there it is guys I hope you enjoyed that if you did do consider leaving a like thank you so much if you didn't like it dislike it no problem hope you enjoyed that I certainly had a lot of fun playing there for today because so anyway guys just another reminder I've got a new t-shirt the squad of Ages you can buy now or you want to look like an absolute badass there it is I'll put the link on the screen and also in the description below but that's all for today folks thank you so much for watching subscribe if you want to see more and I'll see you in the next one


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