$20 MONEY MATCH! AnimeAnalyst VS AfroSenju ONLINE Player Match! _ Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


so i know a lot of people have been waiting for this match a lot of people even myself okay and the reason why before i get any further in this video why i asked anime for a money match because i saw him talking that good [ __ ] he was so confident about his skill in naruto storm 4 and i respected it you know i'm saying i'm a little bit confident too so i'm like all right bruh let me take your money that's the mindset i had when i asked him all right so i asked him for a money match he said yeah and then a week later or two i don't remember how long it was in between we got down now as you can see our cars are looking powerful our ranks are pretty high as well and our player match wins are also up there so this is how you know that this is going to be an amazing fight okay so before anything else i'm gonna let you know who's gonna be commenting these matches because it's not gonna be me of course not it's gonna be my boy bobby big [ __ ] coming to you guys from channel seven but uh i want food
as you know because this [ __ ] basically [ __ ] so what we gonna see what we gonna see so so far off the bat they just bumped [ __ ] heads they said hey but let's go brother ah you punch the air going straight in i'll let you know right now this fight's gonna be fast as [ __ ] so i may pass out trying to explain this [ __ ] i got some of my thoughts sorry about that bro oh okay it's a magic man telling me a couple feel them cheating and he did that [ __ ] he did that [ __ ] but toby roberts said let me care let me copy with this recovery read this paper there's some paper on my man's face though oh watch out all afro said i'm not gonna get wet today baby not today oh tommy robin said [ __ ] should hit him in the face until now they said his ass is for you baby and he dropped it he dropped it yes he did all fours okay so let me slapped him in the back of his neck because he said it's your birthday that is not all right that is not oh i miss me with that paper said after i dodged that [ __ ] like a ninja i'm sweating anybody have some water oh toby rubber has some water but he missed anime analysts completely oh but the shooter king got dodged his fourthhokage said i got a cop another field are we switching this torpedo skillfully the sweat is pouring oh he threw a ball in his face so i told me rama i'm the masked man slapping some chains as toby grandma said i gotta break your guard with some water the logic is crazy folks afro got him in the air but toby i mean so now they dropped the ass back i forgot the combo you get the combo anime sub what's happening oh he barely missed that you guys what if he didn't sub he would have gotten hit oh fourth guy got him got pushed all the way back oh he barely dodged the guard breaks what's gonna happen what's gonna happen after all dodgers masked man as afro gets tommy robbie to put water and dobby around in his ears as they get together oh no it's not it gets hit afro gets hit this is crazy dodges selectively comes right back in this man's face those balloons and afro gets saved by the balloons but gets put back in the combo more combos afro got pushed back out of the combo by the sub anime trying to get a sneaky grab within the jutsu i see him but he gets pushed back by the dragon oh no [ __ ] oh sneaky jukesu and they dodged this secretly with the sub oh no oh no that's what has no subs and afro goes in for round one red rod that's crazy that's crazy what's gonna happen you guys afro's in the lead right now with one stock on his side anime is at a disadvantage okay okay no subs one sub one sub loss for both teams oh the sneaky grab anime you devil new devil oh aphro went right through this man like play-doh what oh stinky juice it didn't work that's what i was too fast with this man oh aphro saw the counter come in like he saw getting beatings from his data pop oh that gallon ah rama tried to get him wet and the grab came through and that's it for afro looks like guys round one goes to anime as well so now it's round three actually meaning final round i'm drunk round one still afros now they're going in i can't tell if toby rama's clothes are ripped or not now they are [ __ ] now they are oh [ __ ] oh mess man comes through how she said nah look not looking too good oh lane oh [ __ ] she switched this [ __ ] and right when apple was attacking oh no going straight up in the air once again once that all pushed back down by the water so now they got him just by a little bit that's my little bit what's gonna happen after the rama came through of course it got dodged and hoshi it's in danger he's trying to switch in but he couldn't do it oh toby robert got him wet anthony came through out the woodwork you need to switch out toby or he's not gonna be looking too good and he got pushed back twice runs not a
oh he's gonna get pushed back instead i'm looking too good folks that looking too good no they got in there hashirama got in this elective time looking nice and all pushed back to white and he got sealed by hashirama's till this is looking nice for afro what's afro doing over ambiguous says [ __ ] afro you [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] patch run run [ __ ] run oh [ __ ] the cop oh get it get him he tried come around and put him up in the air oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] he hit him oh oh did that oh toby rama mass man i mean did not get him successfully that's unfortunate oh now he did no subs no subs apple's gonna get a sub back is he gonna get in time oh afro for the win that's crazy folks that's [ __ ] crazy i need a [ __ ] big mac for this one oh [ __ ] grandpappa buddha beating that ass as he laughs at his thoughtsthat's crazy buddha goes in for the kill and finishes it for the final round after a one anime zero this is the first of three people and afro got the first w what's gonna happen what's gonna happen i'm about to cut my losses and commentate this normally because in a minute these matches are gonna get hella faster and if i keep on commenting like that i'm gonna lose my voice so right now as i said before i have one and a man zero and he's beating my ass but it's all gucci because i'm in control miss me with that [ __ ] thanks all right all right tell me where i'm at i'ma get you wet but i don't like that brother oh that kind of was a beautiful wonderfully timed [ __ ] oh but you thought that i was gonna hit my dad oh i see i was taught or warned rather that anime likes to spam his youtubes when he gets a chance so what i'm gonna do on the offensive is make sure that i watch out for them so keep that in mind as i play okay because i see a lot of intervals where anime would like to do that but i do not give him the chance as he gets pushed back by my [ __ ] tag get on this combo please give us if any combo real quick please what i was mad when that happened i had to be because [ __ ] i assumed that i was gonna beat that ass as he's beating mine tomorrow got me and tsunade got him got him right back into the combo got mass man and him two for one i didn't know was my birthday combo you filthy [ __ ] okay it's cool it's cool we're in the lead right now so it doesn't matter that this man pushed me back like my dad does when i try to say hello what oh my nacho on me hard body but i said not b you can hit my guard and can i dodge that yes i can because like no [ __ ] go back in his face like oh it's not even knocked out of that successfully but hobie rama put water on toby rob must successfully that's all that matters i got him in the combo then i don't the masked man he touched me broke my guard he ripped my clothes don't strip me brother say samurai jack [ __ ] so i got him in the combo got me oh i got pushed back it's not looking good for me bro this is looking like a mandingo party to me and that's not good but they said i got you drop that [ __ ] back combos and mess man miss me with all of that can i get him can i break the guard you know i tried i don't know if you know already but if you do the team ultimate guard you came up with attack rather someone's guarding the possibility to break someone's guard is hella high so you break someone's guard the last hit the team ultimate goes off and yeah so anyways i got myselves back so i'm gonna waste that one so i knew i was gonna do that like i know myself crazy right now he's dropping that ass back you're trying to come to me [ __ ] you better back that ass up no not like that because i ain't gay but he backed it up in the way that gave me some time to breathe i have once about about to come on the way doesn't matter cuz i got him in this combo i'mgonna finish it for the w because i ain't stupid enough to do a cancel and ruin my opportunity if it didn't go through so right now i got the first round intact a little bit of health left so i may not uh live another day to see myself win with just you know no rounds lost tonight what the [ __ ] was that how did he hit me with that i don't remember that at all to be honest with you all right ass if i can just maintain this and get some more damage down before i lose my health that would be good and dandy but you know things don't usually happen my way so as i said i get spit on and it didn't go the way i planned it so round two goes the anime and round one goes to me so i can just hold this uh lead that i have which is not too much of a lead i'll be in a good oh you [ __ ] [ __ ] now the thing i don'treally do too much this matching towards the towards the end is counter as i need to counter me anime's counters are on point like this shit's more on point with my pants and that's a way of reference but yeah the shit's like he knows how to do that [ __ ] see for me i didn't do counters too much revolution so my counter games little big granny status you know had a little bit granny old black oh missed me with that [ __ ] you see that nice dodge in the sun oh i grabbed the ass and i threw this [ __ ] fist down like i throw my fist down to defend myself and my dad hits me what anyways so right now we're looking pretty good as i counter him and i really need to push the [ __ ] back trying to get him that sneak ultimate juicy or juicy leather it didn't work too much to get spit on and slap back and throwing a bomb at [ __ ] bruh let me breathe holy [ __ ] right now oh we tried to counter me but my wrist wasn't long enough to get hit by that thankfully so if i could just maintain well i don't have to leave anymore now it's pretty much oh i do still believe just kidding it's just gone now you took it from me [ __ ] [ __ ] patriots i was looking right now i may lose i have no subs i have no chocolate yes look yeah a lot more chocolate i do and subs but i push them back because i have clutch as [ __ ] as if i was on crutches i am not a rapper i'm sorry i don't know these bars are coming from since i still have no sub now i have subs i just gotta play defensive so i get them all back so i do the counter to do so correctly come back in this man's face like what's good [ __ ] punch him in the air lay this man down and just kidding he subs make sure he encounters make sure i don't um do what i want to do locked properly two sub two sub mean enemy are tight on that i have one sub and now i have no sub she has four and if i don't play correctly i'm going to take the l on this match but gets spit on and a dragon will make him waste two subs he has no chakra one sub no subs i am a magician i made this man sub subs disappear let me see if i can maintain to make his health disappear as well possibly possibly i'll get spit on just kidding i have a sliver of health left if i play correctly i'll be good oh that's nice that's nice on my part now i just gotta play right as i do to get this w good [ __ ] afro good [ __ ] me so we got a team switch folks anime switch to the last task as the lead second hokage at support and darwin has also support and i switch to nothing because i'm real and i don't need a switch not just kidding i was thinking about switching to be honest with you but at the same time i'm like you know what if something's working why [ __ ] with it you know i'm saying so right now i don't know how this is going to go if it's going to be my favorite because the last sasuke has a faster startup hit than i do so if he takes advantage of that i want to get my ass a little bit rock try to get him wet then i drop that ass down [ __ ] block me block what i got counted that's not looking good on my behalf i got a little bit of a lead starting now but it's so small that i wouldn't really call it a lead you take away from me like candy from a [ __ ] baby bruh and i don't like that i got thrown back with the tag now i'm waiting for anime to see if he's gonna reveal the juices that he has with this manmaybe give him some more distance to do so oh i got slap back that's not good he wasted all of his tags so soon so did i so okay here's the fireball variation i don't know why you switched sasuke as a name then but i'm guessing that this sasuke is his better character in comparison to the second hokage which is high i hate the sasuke though but um yeah he's not overpowered i hate him because everybody uses that that's the only reason why no no straight to anime though and i got pushed back behind the counter to the face as i get cut and daru comes through and says [ __ ] i'm about to book that yes i can yes i can [ __ ] yes i'm [ __ ] again so i'm gonna hold him in this combo for a little bit as long as i can maybe get a cancel just kidding the subs came back so i wish i finished my combo instead but it's all good because we're back until the second okay spits on my ass so you know that's that's nice i love getting spit up got pushed back again all right [ __ ] i bet you won't do it again so right now i'm gonna tell you right um since i've won two times already i'm playing a little leisurely that i would in the first matches right now i'm just relying to see if i can get the combo off and i may pay for this in a second i can't tell i just remember the mindset i was in a little bit when i was playing this i got the counter off though so i can still pull the clutch i've got the dragon dragon gonna hit [ __ ] max is still in my favor oh no and i get cut he gave me a free lineup that's cool that's really nice of him to be honest people don't usually do that but he said i got you man lay back and i'ma cut you up and i said okay [ __ ] so right now anime has round one in the lead um i'm trying to get this back because you know i can't be having myself so much in a deficit you know what i'm saying try to spit on the second okay it didn't i would assume anime to be a little bit thirsty to get the ultimate attack on you'll see why i said that a little bit but yeah we ain't there yet anyways let me see if i get oh you gotta get spit on completely why why anybody spitting on me from this man's team like holy [ __ ] it's either spitting fire or spitting water like i can't take this it's all good though it's all good though can i get a seal yes i can get him back losing a lot of health right now a lot of [ __ ] health oh the fireball ate that [ __ ] up like frosted flanks i'm losing so much damage no damage health i don't know if i can make a comeback properly because i'm like already out of the green but i take round two nonetheless so we're gonna see what's happening he's getting up slowly from the ground like a [ __ ] [ __ ] and i gotta make sure i keep an aggressive momentum pace off on this man or i'm gonna lose everything so right now i guess my gimmick my my uh my plan i'm trying to remember heavily what i was thinking when i was fighting because when i fight i do think like what to do next how it's looking i'm assuming i'm thinking about how to make them waste these subs like i always usually do at the same time trying to figure out how can i use this last counter break pill to get an infinite combo off not really infinite but you know the plan is break wasted subs get the combo off you know i'm saying so i want to see if i can get that i don't know though because right now i have no subs no chakra and anime has all the momentum in his favor so i dodged the [ __ ] lightning thing on the ground but it doesn't really do anything because it puts me in a position he wanted me to be in the air no i have no health no no subs i am literally vulnerable i am naked right now i can catch the meanest cold i try to go awakening i'm not gonna [ __ ] lie i tried i failed i'm a failure so within this match i analyzed anime analyst that sounds [ __ ] funny right but i knew from the match he played previously he played a little bit aggressive now that he knows that he's more in the risk of losing than ever i feel like he's gonna play hella cautious so because i have two wins on my belt and he has one when i still have one win to spare so with this one fight i decided i'm gonna play hella offensive and see where i go with it so off the bat i got him in the combo my only goal is to pressure this man to know tomorrow like no tomorrow rather that means switching in my supports every time i get a chance to and doing [ __ ] like this sonata is coming through and i'm gonna try to get hashirama back in here like so he's gonna use a sub that's all gucci i tried to counter there but didn't work how i wanted it to get him in the air real quick infinite combo yes can i get a no i could not get it that's [ __ ] sad right now i'm just gonna do the same thing as before rinse and repeat or aggressively [ __ ] spit on his [ __ ] shoes i can't talk but right now i'm doing pretty good i'm in the lead up by a lot of the combo once again can i finish it no not there but i'm gonna try again three subs to use he has none let's [ __ ] go let's see if i can get it let's see if i can get it yes can i get a council with the ultimate attack [ __ ] what i did it though [ __ ] now i just need to make sure i finish the combo and i do so thoroughly he had one sub coming back towards the end but he didn't use it because i guess he didn't react in time to do so that's good that's good though because i got round one because of that so i got green bar still on me a hard body so i got to maintain this if i can maintain it i'm good so now they're coming back throw that ass i already know to see if i get the combo once again oh the counter was mis-timed you [ __ ] why'd i even call him a [ __ ] he didn't deserve this insults got him in the air with the punches trying to give me the fireball but i said night let me see if i can connect the combo correctly yes yes let's get it let's get it extra damage from me say no more he sub hella quick but he walked right back into my combos and i [ __ ] that combo up while sherman still got me or toby rama rather get pushed back it's all good it's all good it's all gochi i know these matches look hella hectic right now because all the support is coming down in the field towards like what's happening anyways all that really matters that i think is if i keep up this momentum i'm gonna take round one and two without taking the stock off of my health but took no i have no subs left i'm in danger of getting a cancel on and he gets me the combo can he cancel it is he gonna cancel it yes he is that's unfortunate that is unfortunate for my behalf because that means i can't do stockholm but it's all good if i just keep a good momentum in the next round and i'm gonna be i but i have no choice but to take this l for now no please please i have a family no it's all good it didn't really hurt at all you know it was like a fly kissed me what anyway so let's come back for the last round i have a lot of health coming back and anime has very little because i took that [ __ ] down like i cut paper what does that even mean i have no clue i don't know what i say you know what i'm saying but anime still not looking good right now he needs to keep me down to two subs as well for him to have an average average chance and even chance rather and he did and he gets a nice counter while getting snotty back after you try to give him a lap dance you are [ __ ] stupid that was a free lap dance bro i don't know what you're doing got in the combo this is not good let me see okay i'm out of it he's switching toby rama smart move but you win my combo now [ __ ] i have no cells but then i have one sub that came back i spit on his [ __ ] black moccasins didn't do [ __ ] so right now i want to see if i can get tougher i'm out that's my goal that's my mindset because i know that toby rama's his favorite character right so what i want to do is finish him off his favorite character as insult to injury so let's see if i can pull this off record right now get him the air combo in a second i'm going to try to switch i knew at this point in the time i realized if i don't switch now i'm going to be in trouble switch to sonata and i get a grab that did not think i was gonna get off but i did let me see if i can get together and successfully and i do doesn't get by the jutsu though but i get it by his jutsu gets slapped back and he he he doesn't do [ __ ] breaks my guard and tries to be thirsty but doesn't work you thirsty song [ __ ] you thirsty song [ __ ] makes that sub because he was too eager and he takes the l because i have no mercy on his life so you guys i took the matching as i did last time in honors of my good friend moon monkey once again


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