Battlefield V Storm in a Teacup


hi guys and welcome to a new episode of across the battlefield today we are playing on the gorgeous Pacific storm thank you for saving me a bit of a hot interaction there isn't it but I'm playing as medic with the type 100 SMG love this gun and we should have a bit of fun today I've got the revolver as my secondary I've been bombed by a Corsair it's all popping off in this intro oh thank you for the revive man that's really kind of you there's more enemies here still apparently where are they they've been killed anyways I can't get a breath here we go it is Pacific storm give me that katana I'll take it no one else wants it right are we good to go we're good yeah I appreciate the revives look at that Corsair you stay away what is going on this is a crazy introduction there's just stuff blowing up everywhere let's build Bob the Builder okay that's the tank where do we go D let's go today the only problem with switching the katana is that you you lose your smoke grenade launcher and that's such an important gadget when you want medic but is it as good as a katana I don't know dad I think the katana pits it for me I've had a few nice back rages with the katana already but I'm yet to get that flanked with the flamethrower that's what I want in my life someone there I'm just gonna suppress couldn't actually see them I'll get you don't worry see this is where I need my smoke broad Lincoln don't worry he'll go yeah I think it was called broad lingering or something yeah somehow ah anyways D I love fine over this point look at I mean it just it ruins people this thing it's so good that's the flamethrower right there yeah I knew it there's always thanks every single time you go to this point there's two tanks just camping on it I feel like it's like there's some kind of an unwritten rule like if you were a tank and you play this map you've gotta be one dude it's that simple well he actually didn't really move from there is that friendly explosions are you friendly you've been revived I don't know what I do know though is if I go in this point I'll be killed by a tank so what don't we do go on the point I can hear multiple hostiles around me there's more I got a look like he was recent showdown what was that No someone got a shotgun there's something going down I'm just gonna be a nuisance this is my objective now be a nuisance come on open the door a day I've got nine bullets but I do have a sword oh wow that guy's good Oh chimpanzee that that's from karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais sees podcasts isn't it static bf3 can you prove yourself you proved yourself you absolutely proved yourself oh yes love that yes so I didn't know this but when you get a kill with a katana it gives you a bit of health back so you can go on some six drinks with it if you want I knew it it's one on the stupid gun kind of chop you off it for some reason ah it fires so slow that revolves but the damage on it is ridiculous and it makes me feel like revolver ocelot when I'm using it so you know I'm okay with it a couple of nice katana kills there just feels good using that thing we are circling them but be here I don't know if you noticed a couple of dots on the mini-map back there over here there's a flare in the sky I think that was enemy hopefully they don't shoot me I've probably been spotted now I'm just ignoring them I mean they're like right there please move away you're on fire don't just stay there and we held onto the point any Dead's in here know we're friendly we're good these things are ridiculous man look how quick you can turn it that's a weird noise yeah is it the seagulls it might be take it out right you missed that's unfortunate I kind of want to use that and see if it puts the bat signal in the sky hmm oh no now you moved to the right I expected him to go left call out for it though so pilot isn't it jumped out of a plane that one that's not dynamite therefore you just killed himself he just blew himself up hang on no Kawasaki turbo I believed man I believed in you I just want to say you know I did believe are there two tanks here grinder corner there's gonna be a tank here somewhere that's an enemy tank isn't it I wish I could pick up his kit now he's an assault player nice job how hipfire is so strong on this it's a bit risky I'm doing it anyway always got to go for those roses I feel like they've got a line over there or something like all those shots whether it's a tank or there's a tank there on the right we can't really push that then they've got our back point though we need to get G back what's with that random Bloods did you guys see that it's just like a random puff of blood then that just seemed to come out of nowhere I've been encircled right now I think then the [ __ ] to get you trying to smoke it for him definitely infantry he is somewhere I don't see them though it's not cowboy again you own enemy I'll get the rest there 1% yeah Sneha sir thank you so much I appreciate you bud try and get this guy oh no enemy it's getting a bit chaotic now isn't it look at Dee look at the mini-map okay I'm gonna hold this a sec don't not I'm gonna be sliced and diced I could feel that moment I was about to be pushed but I had the feeling a bit too late you know I was gonna sit up in that little pillbox and hold it it's too slow my brain didn't work quick enough give me a hammer did we have G yeah we do so we have actually managed to take G back that D point though I suppose one way of playing this on conquest would be to just ignore D and just take the back points like a and C that might work quite well although there are boats that you can use like this guy here but smoking for some reason I'm gonna jump in it please stop smoking please don't blow up when I get in you man it's just typical isn't it it's bloody typical that tank over there again how are we gonna play this I've got to get across really but unless our tank kills that tank it ain't gonna happen I'm gonna jump in this instead use a jeep lead beep that's an enemy what are you doing storms come in come on give me a shot I don't really want to move so I'm being surrounded again now I was gonna try and hold that angled as much as I could but sniper that was the worst possible thing that could have had a sight on me down a sniper as I'm holding an angle like that headglitching it almost it's F isn't it hey they've got a nice defensive line against this just got drilled trying to track him there oh come on how low are you if he's put dynamite down right good good job so that's their push on F done but they've got that defensive line that's just keeping us back need to get that boat that might be the way if we go to sea take C and then go around to a hopefully because of this storm I'll have a bit of cover and no one will see me well that's the plan at least watch out for any tanks okay we're there anyone on the point no we're clear okay so as long as no tanks rock up you should be able to take this there's enemy good job a six pound ear I don't know if that's a shot on that times I don't think it is these guys bad there's really bad idea to just go prone like that when someone's seeing you maybe you didn't know that I'd seen him now to a let's jump in this boat oh my squad mates with me I think he is come on go go go get in get in quick go right oh so much Unitas hopefully this will make a difference a tank just shot at us then though someone is on to us at least and they might come back here that's an early tank no one's in it I'm gonna jump in it take that point take that objective let's see I don't know why this was abandoned maybe it's a spawn it could have been a complete bait then as well and so I'm gonna just put like mines in front of it or dynamite on it I don't see any enemies but there are some here there's one where'd they go watch out for assault players talk to beat that German no I can't especially when there's a pipe behind me but what's good about that is that we put pressure on their back points then and as you can see we've actually taken all our guineas back and we've just cap D and we're also putting pressure on B which is really good so I'd like to think that that little excursion on the boat there helped just break the deadlock a bit maybe something like that friendlies this storm though it just completely changes the whole atmosphere of the map doesn't it it's brilliant US soldier there and a guy riding a tank like a boss that's the kind of player that you want on YouTube that is the kind of player that you need right let's go see lads come on as a tank there not much use firing there with the SMG to be honest but I could put a smoke up there and might help just get the team on the point give them a bit of cover from that tank nice smoke war had something useful you can do as a medic to stop vehicles I suppose it's a good tactic actually sometimes to smoke thevehicle rather than a piece of land so you essentially just completely blind them I'm not close where are you going dynamite maybe right he's gonna be low HP so I'm feeling confident about that revive there they're still there they're at the back hold mass want to win eventually you'll get it right there's a guy behind me well I call says so cool just a bit of a warning you know cool nice thanking as well we've lost Ian D that's alright I mean they're gonna have to come back and get this I think if we head to D maybe what's the bullet drop on this like it looks like it's got a really fast velocity doesn't it plane leaving the tree over there I'll try and get you captain canoodle alright that tank is pushing me forward a rapid rate can't see anything here so much foliage man let's get the res is here no someone else is on it I love by the way the the fire like when the storms here if there's fire it actually blows it see the direction of the wind's blowing that way so cool I know this infantry here somewhere maybe that was it so that looks kind of clear now so we'll get on to D again just give myself a bit of spunk over there and there's the tank on D yeah the token tank I would hope it's gonna be destroyed though with the amount of friendlies on the point here whoa calm down boys calm down conceive just on the mini-map those players flares the solo LP I'm stuck on this dice it's gone for the resume be cool we're good nice job chopper the bonds good stuff and they've got our gimme again but I'm not that fuss about it right now we've really timed this over as long as nothing terrible happens and there isn't a nuke or something we should be all right here hopefully you don't it's not oh my goodness okay I like that I was a dirty headshot put the smoke about there don't die all right I'm going for it you can dress people in water now by the way that smoke helps humming and that's the end of the storm what Paul that guy was dead can hear people you really lose people in that foliage don't you I'm getting stuck in here got a guy head glitch in here there's a tank as well Gumby voice come on does this go round I might do I'm shot in the back as well it was born in they're obviously teammates nearby nice good rest thank you I thought we were gonna lose that honestly shut that door please go for the rest of set in there I just saw a little bit of movement then I think where is this guy someone down here as long got him don't worry mate I've got ya we got a shark a revolver and an enemy artillery strike I mean I am out of primary ammo I don't really want to man I'm gonna hold here hopefully they can spawn on me I could use this v1 actually come out on our heads let's see will it get any kills I don't know this might be the play of the game we'll say it rounds nearly over and that rocket is gonna land there soon I did call it in here it is it's coming
do it a double-kill I'll take it held on to the point that's the most important thing mate what is that's not cool is it that is not cool I was a great game guys brilliant game I'm finished off with the flamethrower kill made me a bit too far away for the flames three tickets to go we've got this one in the bag let's celebrate check it out the spiral of doom GG well played as fun Gaiman really enjoyed that some Pacific storm there we go another episode of across the battlefield oh we got best squad yes best gas mask as well award yep enjoyed that if you liked it leave a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one


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