Battlefield 4 I found a really weird server


hello guys and welcome to Sevilla for life gameplay commentary today we are playing on flood zone conquest and I've got lucky because the round has only just stayed here so it should be a nice game just checking the Roos up there it's just instinct on this map there's always people camping up there I'm using the AEK just i just fancied using a really fast firing assault rifle to be honest with you sometimes when you go back and play these games you just got to rip it up with a fast firing AR and have yourself a good time transport hell ease up there now is there anyone on this point I'm not sure but I hope you're all having a great week so far guys got lots of interesting content coming up this week tomorrow I can't say what it is but it's gonna be a fun video and a couple days after that dude I'll be something else oh you know related to shooters and games that I know you guys will enjoy watching and learning about it's a dude down here yeah on these stairs is that it now I reckon that's it for this point so I've got some great videos coming up this week guys a big thank you to you all as well for your support recently it's been great loads of interactions which is always good and I'm just really enjoying creating content guys it's uh January's been quite fun for me to be honest with you I'm starting to do a bit more variety to which is always good I think good for the audience good for me too helps me stay on the creative okay so they're making a push with this point okay aren't they look at this guy the juice service of the former vibe there it was a 95 revival good enough yes some might say so some might not he's that guy cheating I feel like he one-hit killed me there I think he did let's see if we run into him again I'm not sure what that guy's name was I don't see anyone on the enemy scene of the like Elvis maybe he's just like in kicks or something other people are speaking in Russian in the chat as well or if it's a Russian server maybe maybe it is anyways hopefully that guy has disappeared I didn't get any hits there much Renee didn't go anywhere either let's do right in front of me there right oh I thought it was a door he's got a ship guys he's got the shield out I've not seen that in years you know I completely forgot that that was even in the game yes they added a shield to the battlefield who would shoot at me they stopped it you get cover how am i alive right now don't even know where that dude was I felt like I was being shot from here somewhere was it you but it was mr. hitman from Poland right let's move we're losing II I could head over there but are there any vehicles sure was the question you gotta ask yourself isn't it as an assault player hard to deal with but there's a truck over there fill did that just spawn on me am I going crazy what just I need to watch that footage back what just happened then that was so weird oh well apparently this game has teleporting transport vehicles in it now what are these guys doing here I'm not sure that I will happily squad wipe them let's get back to the parking lot again they've captured it oh hey ciao wandering it's lag or a bad spot here put a tap file do the job just drop down there hard to track him there when that bushes behind him above me again no stay back demons jump down on me we'll see I'm just gonna chill I need to get some health back only got 20 bullets left - ow ow ow ow ow leave a shoe at me then are they behind me no I'm not sure watch out dude who's over there right just got killed well they're expecting me to come this way aren't they I've got 11 bullets definitely on the minimap now - lets get this guy's gun whatever it was is this a is this a suppressed and for all that looks sexy oh that's sexy that engineer is gonna be waiting for me it's got torch on it as well I don't really want that how do I turn the torch off I forgot I'm getting out of there man I'm starting to sweat and get nervous it's crazy I feel like I'm in the hornet's nest the amount of enemies around me did you come from quickly this guy's my meds aim was really really Rafi then I'm just being a nuisance right now though which is good I mean I'm affecting their tickets of it let's keep moving up to the top I feel comfortable when I've got height advantage on people tugs they're just gonna give me away thanks for bacon I'm gone do they did they spawn up there in this game I don't remember are you I was hoping he was support so I could get some ham off and dude that was totally stolen off me it was bad man now a decap Anila no one down there how do I turn this stupid flashlight off I thought it was the t is it not tears I just want to turn the damn thing off this guy's got impact grenades as well I'm gonna peek here it's obvious spot right no the little bird of all things come on dude not cool put me on a vid are you the real Jack if so I am a big fan keep up the good work man well thanks man that's kind of you to say that that was a nice little fight there and we do have control of the point now too which is good I don't like spawning Kyo because you got a cross there let's do B oh no this is a really bad spawn here it's difficult to read the situation I mean I'll take it if I can get to it now are there any people on the rooms here surprisingly no there's not now that that's unbelievable guys watch your back dude he just knifed him oh come on hello hello whoa watch out here we go there's the transport I really just bailed out without a gown I'm gonna go see if I can kill this guy because that's that's a waste that's very wasteful sorry dude I don't think he had a chance to get her spawn beacon down either guy here he was sniping at me oh he's dead Oh gotta watch out for this well watch out I love the way these handle and so much fun flying these things I can't believe there's no more snipers on the roofs here though what is this is this flood zone or pretend Oh some delineation you've got the D point C so really we've pushed them all the way back to a hey that was a nice shot glad you got with the tow missile flare play it could be right above me here I was going to say how did that first guy not die I put so many shots into him dude that's my cover that's not cool right there say from be and only looking down on me from above you just killed him beside this building made me Colby it's a big kobe right there didn't hit anything right I want to get into this building and get up so quite a book hang on that's my cover again dude can we can we just stop destroying my cover please you know I'm gonna spawn on day I saw a guy here I'm the lamer he blends in well talk about visibility problems in the f5 could barely see that deep where did he go not even realize about what's to be honest no no no that was it that was enemy right I'm so confused guys that was an enemy with the revived symbol of over his head what is going on with this server are these just bugs is something weird happening I really confused maybe you switch team and it just put the symbol above his head I don't know me the way that is quite peculiar I have to say bf4 man always throwing up surprises but that's what I love about guns like this though you just know when you've done enough damage to someone so you can switch targets straight away back on the ruse again that dude realized I was shooting at him probably dead might be someone wandering across hair get down hey I was gonna try for the knife but he turned around he was on the ball that guy medkit medal I feel so proud of myself guys teamate just flunkies a sprite with me hi this case spicy boys this is nuts yeah he's enjoying it I think I think that's what that means on there just take a bit of damage in that firefight but nothing too bad hello yeah dude you're m320 gave you away no no suppression it's real reload that one bullet yeah there it is again obsessive reloading syndrome I've been diagnosed with that you know I went to the doctor last week it's your doctor I think I have a problem after reload after every kill let's just get him away now he's gonna cross to the point I think can we stop him though with the AEK lav helped a VE not today hmm jumping from the sky man this is a weird Serbian up it's weird but I like it it's just unpredictable strange things have happened remember that TV series round the twist I feel like that's what this service based on now there's no way dude there's no way you get out of there this is too many people looking at us and I've got eight bullets do you have bullets of course there's no support players around let's go e there's a lot
of enemies around I'm just predating up because I feel like someone might push here and watch our us as well figure out what the best thing to do here is go around the back again I feel like we're not really taking any points though because they just got so many positions that's hold here something's gonna come here I think there might be more because I appeared there on the mini-map did he did he not drop down there I don't know that was maybe his plan model glitched against something really weird going on in this server so like this the strangest battlefield surf pub ever beard on maybe I should wait for my
squad here before I try and say at this point I don't know they up on the Rouge and I'd say perhaps someone over there I was just hanging that way advanced think no bullet pending this game really beautiful I'll try and get over there I've gotta watch out for that heli as well do not want okay push me push me you getting off this roof I'm sick of it and of course as soon as I want to do that Haley comes Wow now that that one gave me a haircut I think I was trying to pick up his kit as I ran past where is it it disappears sometimes they just do disappear we do still have to lead though even though they're controlling those flames at the top let's see how this works out I'm gonna be a bit stealthier now and it shouldn't affect the handling of the game that much one more guy here did we just clear out that entire point that was awesome guys I reckon that was all down to the suppressor as well oh come on I'm just trying to stay on the burn I still got ammo in my primary here gotta watch out for that position there and behind me now - oh dude oh you're not dead I can't believe that I wish my teammates would just push up there with me nice that was the guy right we could have like easily taken that man it sucks give that recon some meds let's see if they push this out three or four killers so bad revive that I know but I just want to get on this bloody point and capture it here Americans shouting so they're around here somewhere still and there I'm completely bingo and I'm oh about any ammo in any gun I'm out then we've got to get a knife kill or something yes give me a kit there was one wall behind me that was the only player had that was it that's all I could do there and we still didn't take that point but somehow we're holding on to this man what's this it's the big sniper isn't it oh my god that seemed so much there's no one there right there we held on to DT which is nice lovely one-shot kill this a bit wary of that chopper though just gonna come over here I think unfortunately I feel like we're gonna lose this one guys I'm sorry we couldn't get the W but I tell you art that was a really fun game quite challenging too lots of good players on the enemy team and just a bit of weirdness really so yeah ggwp we had control at certain points but then they just dominated those rooms there and I think that he's not winning them the game but that was fun anyway guys I hope you enjoyed that let me know if you did down below and leave a like that really helps support my content guys in the comment as well and maybe share if you think someone might fancy seeing some bf4 gameplay a bit of a throwback anyways if you like it dislike it not a problem subscribe if you want to see more hit that Bell and I'll see you in the next one


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