Battlefield 3 Good Times


hello guys and welcome to some bf3 live gameplay commentary I loaded up origin just now I saw it there and I thought ok it's time again I'd like to dip back into bf3 every once in a while so this is rush on run bizarre I don't play this game again it's funny isn't it you spent thousands of hours on something and then I don't I just went up to you I just crept up to that ammo crate and try to interact with it do you see what bf5 has done for me anyway I really don't know this one you take damage in this game I just took damage then I'm on I'm on 60 HP can you even flank this way I don't remember nothing that you can know I gotta go back what getting stuck on stuff though never gets never changes well this was one of my favorite rush Maps I mean this server is not full right now but bro players on it but the l85a2 was one of my favorite guns when I played this all the time was always one of the most well balanced assault rifles in the game Conte for a gram back people just camping in these sides here and get the rubble drop that was on 30 HP then not really much of a change on the screen was there I'm gonna move away from there let's go check out the other side of the map that's the dude from the single-player isn't it that guy he's put a spawn beacon down this time coming here I have to remember that I can spot things to nobody so bad place to say isn't it enemy over there hey tank no don't want anything to do with that now it looks like they may have pushed down the alley of it they're trying to clean gamers now like the hood doesn't take up much space on this game ow nice and smooth though you know I never played battlefield 3 or 1440p when it was out pretty sure I just had a 1080p monitor back then now I'm getting like 200 FPS constant and I'm playing all on ultra CEG's it's nice man nice smooth experience I played it in 4k I think in single-player just to make some cool videos I seem to recall doing that but multiplayer not really but it's looking sharp and kept that push off here at least the second points in rush yeah they are I've got to remember too that I'm on the radar when I shoot because of our loud weapon that's quite a big gameplay change that I'm bursting as well and I should stop firing tap firing is the way to go in this game this kill can killed by a level 100 m16a3 foregrip heavy barrel but on absolute baller just pull in our control I don't like that tank that Corvis I as well look at the gap in the middle a lot isn't that way too big oh man I don't wanna get killed by a tank here Engineers let me guess is everyone playing as assault but you can't see can you I can't see what classes they're playing in the school boy see their levels though I reckon if I need about holy it's insane how quickly region health - it's like almost instant Kylie I remember if I can leave essa oh look at this m1911 with the torch and a suppressor that's what I'm talking about I feel like this guy's on my right in here and run down here maybe just cover this angle off got the screams can cover fire rockets at me now cool now the swearing yeah it's brilliant I love that recall hope this one behind me no your friendly there is someone there Scylla thing and that tank is just chilling I know it's coming we need a support player with c4 I'm scared is it gone yeah it's gone this is insane suppressor here somewhere friendly wow m320 came out no we're still in that little dark pit there disgraceful I don't like going back to this kill kandra where I can't see what's around me isn't it so weird how like you played the current version of games and then that influences you so much and what you what you're comfortable with or what what do you feel that you like it's more having oh yeah shouldn't have done that that's where I should have grenaded Hey oh no you get stuck when you get revived and you can only use your pistol right oh my god please come on like this instant vehicle respawn is it I see how it is I mean this is an aggressive teeth I'd say guys they're gonna be hurting right now I'll kill assist didn't do enough damage that's our bounce I'm pretty sure these are the second points per for some reason the the spawn doesn't change for the attackers right because the first M comes like appear somewhere there's one in here I think yeah there it is and there's one over there but the spawn doesn't change for them wonder why they did that I don't know yeah I'm gonna move just go back to the other side of them ah holy crap I died so fast then I saw that guy for like a split second as well or they've actually armed that that's not good defuse it boys come on and he defuse it hey you defuse it good I'm proud
screen shake is real on that the recoil it's nice being able to use the la by the Mayas push-up event I need to be close so I think be a bit more effective whoa whoa Rockets everywhere nearly died then the second away oh no I missed it I would have been about res anywhere I think I see you in there creeping in on their to resonate no I like my little hole here dog go feel safe well now I know I'm out so I'm gonna Chuck me now go pack nope does exist all that rubble drop the sick hey okay what's this guy got no no no way g-53 let's go suppress g-53 I'm on it it's another rubble drop that's another grenade yeah you picked the kids up don't you of course yes so now I'm an engineer that's a grenade again that's another grenade again grenade spam is real yeah can we can we stop with the explosions please can we stop with the grenades no we can't apparently
as another frag there's another explosion come on the Emmaus screen shake is unreal oh my god it's just what we'll drop after Rumble drop I just want to get around this core I feel like there's a big kill streak there well there's a couple that's nice it was more on the left here and they've on the end come please just stop with the grenades I mean this is getting ridiculous now isn't it it's almost funny is that many grenades dice dice I think we I think we need more screen shake dice we need something faster fire in here a K this is what we need planted this I have a suppressed AEK that's not good I should have I should have kept dig at that let's look at the customization here so how do I customize this again cuz up the customize loadout right no I don't a suppressor what was a good loadout for there AEK was it just for gripping nothing maybe come heavy barrel gives you a bit more accuracy doesn't it but it kicks the recall a bit I think I'm a full grip heavy barrel back back deploy how they got both charges maybe I should have put a site on it like a red dots on we're on the corner the fire a is just ridiculous they're not for charge ow why they're gonna get these aren't they yeah trying to fall back okay well that's good because it means that we're gonna get to see more of them up they're gonna be pushed here it's very odd not being able to lean as well on the corners I remember they added that in bf4 right I like being able to do the contextual lane I missed that it's poor red dawn shall we accessories where's the red dot don't go reflex are Deus I'm back here again want to be back here dice I think there's a bear right is there a tank coming down this College yeah there is that's bad that's real bad I was gonna try and get around the back but a nice position there from that dude it's covering the street right well I guess we've been pushed all the way back here can we handle it I don't know they've only got 300 tickets to win get that tap fire rhythm back down it's funny like how much you lose like how much of that muscle memory just goes away I feels good nemesis victim it's with our trade kill there it is my get a rest yeah oh I hate that sticky sticky when you get res you just get stuck on the ground it feels awful I'm glad that they've moved on from that how did you die nebula only on the server now 12 B 13 Russia's always better when there's less players on so this is pretty good I think this is one of those service that would like scale hmm know what something people do they just shake their head of
it and it doesn't kill you is that real does that work is it will fade you can really push up here as a defender that's what I like about Russia in this game though it didn't feel as limited on the play science to do lots of flanks if you buy you're gonna get us
killed by the same Oh No we're good yeah yeah the lights more people here maybe they are holding me down don't let tell them hold you back you do you yeah be who you want to be there's a guy right there come on I know you want to little jumpy that's not good a little bit of a Crouch there no no frags that's on the roof I should be okay right I'm okay gonna be watching me that's another frog no I can't turn did I get that kill I actually got that kill I'd be raging if I was them I'd be absolutely raging he's level three it's at a new account or is that someone who's literally just like playing bo3 that's insane if that's true can you is it on like gum yeah access I wonder I bet you can buy be a three for like a dollar now is on there loads of content though if that's true we're talking on Twitter about like a remaster I mean I know I did that video about I want to say a month ago I did a video no no no it was more than that so maybe two months ago about perhaps say a bf3 remaster how good it would be if they remade this game with all the maps all the game modes and then they took out the suppression or something right like tone down the visual suppression a bit tone down how much it affects your gun maybe look at rebalancing some of the maps and bring it to the modern consoles right cuz you can play this on Xbox one I think if made it backwards compatible and you can download it but it's the original console version right and that would have been for ps3 and xbox360 and I don't think that had all the features the PC version had so if they remastered this and brought it to ps4 Xbox one did 4k in everything for the consoles a few tweaks here and there and gave the console guys the proper PC version with 64 players and all the big maps that'll be so popular like either free-to-play or like five bucks or something I don't know what would make sense for over that would be asked so many people would play that honestly I don't think that I can keep on going for the entirety of this match because the video will end up being like maybe an hour longer and I like uploading long content but that's perhaps a bit too much so we'll see if we can get a couple more killstreak screenplays and then we'll I will leave it there I reckon like in the corridor of doom a bomb the other objective sooner or later site Wow they've actually got that who's not expecting them together objective now we've got a fallback again no we still got a okay we're all good you might they might be more down here I'm I run my own I just realized how much ammo they give you in this game too many people and super nade some of the sexy mom photos what is it with these recons and they're sexy man colleges well I'm going okay I'm not going down down okay I'm not going instead come on I just want to clean just a clean PK no one on the right well that was an enemy rap it's a friendly Russian I don't know what it means he's very satisfying oh they're gonna play it just feels so natural with the recoil control and the rate of fire animations it all makes this nice satisfying experience right we're gonna do one more flank kill streak see what we can find and then I've got to end it there guys because we're up to like 26 minutes now I hope you rejoined this by the way I certainly am it's always fun to go back isn't it strong water is he indicating that there's someone in here perhaps checking all these angles hopefully I don't get shot in the back this might be the last flank here boys nice five then I don't it's just so satisfying to do that oh my god beautiful you know I think that's a good place to leave it guys add fun let me know your thoughts down in the comments below guys if you liked it give me a like if you didn't a dislike hey bud and if you want to see more bf3 throwbacks let me know it's a good fun right kill me tank let's go do it let's end it end the video please just kill me alright okay fine knife kill that's a good end right now that is a good end to the video I don't think they're real are they real I don't know guys anyway love you lots subscribe if you want to see more and I'll see you in the next one


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