World War 3 Gameplay and Impressions


try and defend this flag then really nice jack i think there's one more above you somewhere i can hear his footsteps i'll get i'm on your money i can't see nice looking for more oh down that corridor yes oh my god that was insane look at all these bodies dude you just took out like six of them then that's crazy oh sonny tater they've got a sanitator as well that was that's what i'm talking about those little engagements where you can all just cooperate the lean's pretty insane it's a bit rainbow succeeds aren't it it's good it's very strange look at look at this look at the maps as well the maps are actually really beautifuloh there's the european union flag over oh yeah so where we gotta go as well we'll just run terry one this is one of the bigger maps so combat might be few and probably although my fps on this is actually nuts like 200. i remember when this came out i had like 30 fps on it it was not optimized at all yeah it was not not player it wasn't playable i couldn't i couldn't deal with it right so we got like you got lean angles make sure you're watching anyone with a without a dot on above the head immediately just spray them down it's friendly fire on yes it is i remember playing this one but this looks a lot better than it did before well i think they used to have like hyper realistic environments and like there was like rubble everywhere and it was like like rtx whatever and they went a bit mad with the visuals well they're counting you maybe i've gone um through the door next to him oh my god there's my first kill stud nice nice nice nice nice that's good man we can we can try oh the stairs are here i get them player is suppressed he's not suppressed anymore again there might be more here they're all in those windows jack are you sniping yeah i've got a little sniper if i die you can just take off me i bet snipers are really good in this right pushing up to you okay one day pushing up with you but i'm with you with your healing if you've got some yeah oh my god okay we got the point there we go playing the objective with a nice little sequence okay there's probably people right around us here oh yeah right here oh my god dude we just wrenched that squad i think he's in this doorway here on the right what what what stop you get him jack yeah oh my god oh no lav on c2 tank is here oh that's a full t-90 oh god back the other way yeah let's not go yeah yeah i just saw the bad old ruined but you did anti-tank yeah okayi mean you can spawn on me and i'll be close enough yeah i don't know where he's gone now i think he's pulled back into the main road i've got an ammo pack rpg oh oh no no no jack run run yeah that's the full blood tank hopefully he doesn't shoot in here okay i'm gonna leave it there i'm gonna leave it there i can hear that tank oh god he killed that guy you got that guy yeah yeah um can you rpg the tank from up here you might have an angle oh yeah they're not it's not looking this way nice nice you probably have to see what he gets he's not look he's not looking not looking there's one guy next to it somewhere oh well i'm getting ammo all right they're probably here right now they're taking beer at b2 one down another one down i'm gonna go for a flank i'll peek again dead there yeah nice i think we got it down the end one of me got the guy down the end how'd he die dude we pogged it yeah we actually took that was a yeah 2v4 easyeasy job there's a tank just above b2 oh it's nearly dead though is it i try and get it yeah i can see itself put it back thanks guys i missed come on come under on our units are taking hold of objective driver more hit instead i think  he's repairing it stud yeah i think they can ruined another tank got me but there's a quad hereget on the quadi it's probably on the are we are we playing as i think we're playing as polish troops holy crap there's a lot of recall on that contact it's not the amount i've really called it what on the lmg's just broken is it have you tried that yeah i've not tried the allergies uh maybe i can improve that with attachments so i'm gonna sit down there change i was lucky dude this guy's got a sick gun a barrel yeah i know yeah we'll take it right now i'll go outside and thank him i got shot in the back there's there's people on the central bit yes yeah there's vehicles i'm on three hp it's absolutely nice dude this gun i picked up is awesome hang on that's a vehicle isn't it yeah that's funny i want that guy's going again oh there's no class based weapons either no you can just pick anything you want interesting i have an rpg i didn't putany attachments on my assault rifle i'm  an idiot that's fine guy in here there's another one another one another third one third one third one oh you got me oh i shot someone in themouth with an rpg out here stunned got him yeah there's another one behind that white belt in there
he just missed that rpg that's someone's shooting at me hey yeah that building in front he's in a window he's looking at me i'm not going to get him no i've shot him he'sone shot he's one shot yeah you're right nice one jack nice one i'll stay here yeah
try and push into a1 yeah i think so this is this is the really hot place where we went at thebeginning of the game by honest there downchecking the other side let's throw some grenades in i don't have any grenades i do got the guy in there i don't know if that's the same one pushing it again the back no they're behind it where we came from jack that corner i'm gonna just chill inside that's the tactical sprint i mean the gunplay is not bad especially with the leaning and everything yeah it's pretty good like you can get some quite satisfying kills off i find and you can like even on like low health you can just one tap like four people if you like lucky you know yeah there's a load in there loads in there nice nice okay no one yet not seen anyone else the hell was that using radar so we can see where people are in 3d it's that artillery that's our syndrome yeah oh my god hello look on the minimap now jack you'll be able to see if anyone pushes this that's cool oh you do i to change the attachments but i think you have to have like something in your backpack basically that lets you put stuff there there's a vehicle to our well north yeah he's right outside the tank i've got my rpg you go yeah go out the right window i think so he's not looking he's seen you now wow that wasn't him don't know where the infantry are now let me have a look at the map okay uh matt i can call in a tank but i don't want to waste it i think a2 a2 is where we want to be there's the killstreak thingthat's a little kill streak vehicle like a wally yeah no i don't like that i'm going to delete that from resistance i think there we go nice that's not a fan of that i just why why have i got time to call in this tank and get it uh probably i mean i've not actually used the vehicle yet all right a1 i mean yeah i'll go and go on i'll um i'll jump in right so how do i know where it's gonna land it should lands in a big shipping container that's all i know it comes on by ac oh here oh it's over there jack we're gonna run for it what kind of tank is thatokay so can you get in as a gunner yeah i'm the gunner now there you go and i've got armor piercing and i've got a main cannon and an lmg has it got destruction uh not really no not not for buildings we've not even been down here yet have we so i think they can they can damage the optics of the tank and that stops you from seeing and stuff but i just run into the building used to be one shot in there he's right here stopped i mean that is a one shot headshot if you hit them with the heavy mg oh um oh my god he was right there yeah the whole time oh there's an enemy tank here son okay from gopher i guess you can't just indiscriminately fire into buildings with teammating because you were t killed wouldn't you probably yeah i mean well after this guy's dead you can just beam it i think we're we're taking a1 back so there's no one there but they can see you on yeah a2 has apparently got players on it it's like world of tanks style turret as well where it's behind the crosshairs so you can't just wang it around oh there's a guy on the right yeah i went in there going on a nice shot can we go around the back and seethem uh one just came out stopped at the front nice one inside inside oh rocket that's not good yeah he's in that window those are flares i like the smoke i like the sight there you go oh that's sick yeah that's a nice animation yeah we've probably got about one or two shots left in thishit once the high ground here yeah i just put an artillery on it there is artillery yeah if we get hit by that i'm sure they're going to appear in that those windows then he's there and the right in the doorway got him that's so much damage like that i like it i like it go kill them nice this is so so big that was good did it sounds like a news report or something blueprints oh the game's got blueprints in it as well okay i've got the marksman unlocked m417 i'll try that this game you run in here you've got a nice little uh this is the quite open area of the map around here this is full kremlin then i mean this is the kind of like close quarters area around there they've done a good job of making the maps look warfare oh yeah can you see my laser objective uh no not weird i can see it oh yeah i think there's more there's more i'm running left there's a dead guy here this is the point here part of it this flag is massive look at the mini map we shot from a2j i'm pushing left oh you see me now shoot me now nice look at him through the flag there oh you could defend quite easily from now you get sniped though it's one of those weird things over there hi wally oh you're shooting the weird robot i hate it okay he's healing stop there's a guy in here still do you want to come and clear this with me watch out for that grenade this is cool little flanking route up to the top when you actually get into these like little engagements it turns into like really fun time yeah it's good different from other games friendly uh there's probably someone there's so many windows so you shot from here yeah how would you know where to look oh there's one oh i'm being why is there a stealth bomber flying over the map because he was doing artillery i guess what the hell you see that i'll try this artillery out a1 or a2 which one's outside a2 i think is out more outside okay putting it on the a2 what the drone i'm going to use the drone again right i'm going to use the radar right here look oh my god look at the window look at the radar oh look there's like 10 people on the mini map yes i mean eight people around me where are they can you get up there you get what did you oh you killed teammate jack no edit that the audience pushing inside with you is that ammo what claymore yeah oh my god i didn't actually mark that guy but it still auto marked him there's one down there it's a full shopping center they're in tdm you just play in the shopping center it's the hardline map isn't it remember yeah i remember hardline had some good maps they had the museum as well you remember oh yeah that was great had um grand bazaar which they've never brought back again yeah lone part was it lone pines mall it was called i can't remember very similar feel to this slide down the escalator there always wanted to do that through here three sorry i just went around there's like three guys in the stairwell jack we'll go get him yeah let's go get him crouch for movie i think we can get behind him all right i don't know one down one down down there's more two down one more one more at least one more on the left left side left side left side yeah he's pissed off he's there somewhere that goes all the way down oh this is the way to the basement he's gonna be holding an angle shortly looking for more nice job maybe straight ahead left is clear yeah it's all clear oh someone just got killed down here son oh what did you we just came from downstairs yeah yeah they're probably taking it back remember we're on uav though right now drop down where do they come from i think they only appear on radar if they move a lot nice steps to my left go down yeah there's definitely people down here you're behind me yeah somewhere jump jumping okay pushing up it's still repeating yeah reloading yeah i don't see any more though hey you got him you get him yeah oh that was sick look he's hiding in this little corner are you still there son yeah the guy on my body where i sworeright there he should be right now but there's a helicopter on 80 oh god yeah there is a helicopter i've got the rpg's dispute totally that's the kill streak i'll be my helicopter yes uh behind the ambulance in front of you jack do you right you're right oh right now son there's someone in our in this building that we're next to jack as well there's a tank down there how did that not do any damage to me though stop it i'm fine i literally took no damage that was weird is he here chair oh yeah true yeah it does need a medic class well like reviving yeah yeah or just like a gadget defib or something i don't mind if it takes a few seconds maybe like a one use that you have to resupply yeah that makes sense just so you can get your friend back yeah oh beans uh gas grenade  that's the thing and there's a ghost turning my left there got himthat's green it could be just green smoke some weird noises there it's like some sort of gas yeah air is an hourglass of some kind of charlie one is under attack we got control of this now
wow ah the double spray oh that's cool so because i've got a strike of a tank i can pick a point andthen select my tank and i think i'm just gonna drop in the tank there's like a cinematic of a plane and then it drops the car and then on the time all right i'll catch should i jump in the tank is the enemy thank i've got you nice one i'm not even being over here to see oh the timer ran down yeah that was good fun it's really it's it's fun the infantry combat is really they've come a long way in five years i guess


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