The WILD World of TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch - English


hi guys welcome to the nintendo podcast the official non-tendo podcast actually it's not you're not what no you're actually watching my video but if you

want to watch or listen to the nintendo podcast there's links down below because it's a thing now with me and this guy can you imagine these two wacky

characters doing a podcast we barely get along as it is we filmed two episodes and the second one was really good so if you want to listen skip this first one just forget it uh go right to the second bonus episodes on patreon it's going to be a lot of fun again links down below to everything but i hope you enjoy this video as well as bob's video today and uh check this out at the end it's gonna be it's gonna be a blast i flew all the way to new york to

do this it's worth your time i promise i hope it was worth it nope i have created the smash controller challenge actually i didn't create it i stole it from this guy sorry i have got a selection of weird and wacky nintendo switch controllers i'm going to be playing smash with this guy all right

and whoever wins gets a huge reward you you can come you can't come all right i don't know whoever wins gets a huge reward every time someone wins a round of smash they have to switch to the next controller in line we're gonna start with the pro controller lead into the one joy-con not both then the n64

controller finally the mario racing wheel and actually there is a special surprise for the end of the video because this guy makes controllers and he has built me my very own nintendo switch controller that will be revealed when someone gets to the end and how sick is it i'm so sorry wait what do you mean

it was supposed to be good no it's great you're gonna really like it okay i'm really excited to find out what it is thousand bucks to the winner fat wait

what yeah wait yeah let's do it that'll make this a very competitive who's sponsoring today oh uh this video is sponsored by tokyo treat do you know that yeah it should be how do we know that we don't know when the podcast is launching oh by the way fellow podco ho pogco how's it going where are there two guys doing a nintendo podcast how you doing if you want to watch our podcast it's as fun as this video but even better oh hi kim we're back in our kitchen and in wherever we live we're not in new york anymore we're not in new york anymore why are we someone's at the door it was me i got stuff what a handsome delivery man ah tokyo treat is here once again the monthly subscription box all the way from japan oh that rhymed this video is once again sponsored by tokyo treat and sakura so as always i have the tokyo treat box as well as the sacrifice box let's start with tokyo tree tokyo tree is a monthly japanese snack subscription box you'll get up to 20 of the latest most exclusive limited edition and seasonal flavored japanese snacks that are only available in japan for a limited time snacking shibuya hey we've been a shibuya chew that clip where are we not sure oh what putting flavored pudding pudding pudding

oh what there's a belgium freaking cookies and cream waffle cheese snack popcorn sod oh it's actually a whole freaking waffle let's go okay i'm not even kidding this is the best one they've ever given up best part about both of these boxes is they come with a 24-page cultural guide book which is filled with information including a detailed breakdown on each of the snacks but let's open the sacrifice box which is your more artisan snacks from local japanese snack makers that handsome delivery man is right sacrico is also a monthly japanese snack subscription box where you'll get up to 20 traditional and authentic artisan japanese snacks this includes japanese teas and one special japanese tableware every month with the box donut ball it's like a donut hole it tastes like a donut hole okay if you want to try either of these boxes as always there are links down below to both and you can get five dollars off both if you use my link now i'm gonna finish stuffing my face oh it's two little mini pancakes with something in it so good can i have some oh thank you oh my god i love this stuff i'm always delivering it and i never get to eat it oh my god that's good okay we're starting with the pros baby oh and by the way uh bob is so much better at me than smash and i devised this idea because i'm pretty sure this is the only way i can beat you and that's why i offered a thousand bags boy yeah why did i agree to that i don't know are we doing items or yeah yeah no no no no no no no no items i wanna win win okay all right listen that's good we're gonna we're gonna do counter picks  for stages and stuff sure i'm getting nervous you've been practicing with sora yeah

no i haven't are you trying to shark me right now no we played for two seconds before and you were uh okay you leave everything you should have been okay true i was i'm very scared i'm afraid of losing a thousand dollars got it dude good luck there's a thousand dollars on the line i don't i don't want a homie stock you i'm gonna hold me no no go homey stop come on oh okay now we're at level playing field that was that's on the line i literally owe you one for that this video is going to be so much of me just staring up i'm very excited to see what controller you made me oh god i think whoa that one's a nice

what do i get what do i get you shouldn't have done it now you get the one joycon okay wait no i won oh so you move on my own video because now you have a

better chance of catching up he always tries to steal the limelight i'm sorry you invited me damn the highlight of the last video we did though was you going i made the cardinal sin of putting one of these on i put it on backwards no it's stuck what i think is happening is i won the first round and he is panicking apparently this slime controller is like 500 dollars now if i lose i might have to sell this to people this is not good this is not good this is not good this is i'm down i can't homie stalk you now i'm down i don't have the confidence to help me stalk you no i tried to do some dumb stuff whoa it's been a while since i got decided like that i almost threw up what would have happened if you didn't get me there we would have done sudden death that is clutch dude that was insane dude yeah kind of half chubbed from that that was so i'm full hard got that cut that cut that you should mix up characters though i feel like the video needs to what it is is that maybe you know i think it's just that you want me to use a different character because you don't like fighting against come here [Music] thank you for the harmony why are you showing boobs show me your move there's not even a d-pad on this thing

are you dead yo it's okay right like 90 of my deaths are just me falling off the edge now you're on the n64 controller i'm going to take the one with the uh

modified gamecube controller that's definitely better than the old that'll make all the difference i hate to be that guy but i just maybe i'll switch

characters no no no it's gonna have a fun time you're not gonna like it oh no oh no this is this doesn't work right at all what my buttons are wrong good my

buttons are wrong good good oh god oh god i hope yours is just as garbage as minus well here's the thing you have had around to practice with it now i gotta try and figure it out this is not it's broken it's not working you picked that one i know what so you muttered that one i know you have yourself to blame i know oh i take it back get a little grease on there it just doesn't feel right it feels like gerber hogan's nipple whoa now you know another podcaster just like how we are podcasters now the nintendo podcast find us on youtube and wherever you get your podcast oh wait how do you oh no oh yeah baby get ready for this oh that was nice don't do that don't do that but i like to don't do that get up oh you did the thing i love doing that thing oh god i can't even air dodge oh i'm so screwed i'm so scared i can't come back i don't know how to be on this stupid thing [Music] yo please give me a new controller please

whoa oh no you did i i love that for me i don't know [Music] i'm taking that controller i'm taking that n64 controller everything's coming up milhouse well it makes me feel any better i'm on this now i bought this in japan when i was in japan i've never actually used it just feel it for a second this is at first i was like this is gonna be a pro controller i just gotta win this then the wheel then we get to your controller you've made me and i get a

thousand dollars i regret everything you're not letting me win for the dramatic i mean yeah you know we're just trying to have a fun video okay he's not letting me he's not letting me win i can tell i'll go back to sora for you oh you're gonna do me a solid buddy it's pretty strong i don't like that my

hand kind of like slips off these toggles oh can you give me just like a billion dollars i can't dude this feels so wrong you're jumping tap jump on this thing it ain't happening i low key by the way kind of have to win this because we only have one slime controller i need to not use this anymore oh nice thanks dude welcome whoa we have stage hazards on i did not know that by the way i did not know this stage had hazards oh no oh no it feels like i'm playing with a bowling ball oh thank god that was scary that's still scary i don't know what i'm doing i don't know what i'm doing i don't know either what is this what is that what is this stage hasn't this is not the time please god help me help me whoever the hell you are i'm too ahead well now you get the

racing wheel so good luck buddy that is true actually are you okay you can't make rent this month he's not having a good time which one will give you the better advantage actually yeah i'll take this okay this looks better i feel like this is what the elite smash players would use given the choice of using a mario steering wheel to play with oh oh wait hold on i got you oh thank you i'm gonna use these which i'm guessing is a and b you know what i'm gonna give you a second give me one second this should be attack that should be special can you even move with that oh no oh oh no get out we're good all right

holy hell okay imagine if i lose his mouth this stage is ridiculous i regret this oh goodbye get down get down oh dude but this is not this is not it i actually upbeat it doesn't help that none of this is cemented down i'm getting a leg cramp oh you're gonna walk off what the hell is that get up get up get up go what is that what is that hazard it's actually even i shouldn't have to concentrate this hard you're using a freaking steering wheel no oh that was a legit scream dude i don't know what i'm terrified of okay and you're just done you're just dead [Music] i am actually doing okay apart from like the actual leg cramp that i am getting oh no come on come on kill him now  hell i am the smash king i made a lot of mistakes today hey show me my controller oh yeah this is the time i'm happy i don't think i've ever been this happy this is literally that you realize that all has to get blurred out right just this part oh god all right it's time to come a little clean probably not the best words to use actually oh definitely not as you guys know bob and i are both making videos together today and on bob's channel he already showed me this i know about it it's just i wanted to build suspense for you guys while bob connects this up this is not what i want him to do honestly uh this is what happened all i know is i wanted a really cool clicky okay let me explain the way this was

supposed to work is there was supposed  to be a pad here that shocked you every time you hit the a button unfortunately that wasn't working up until about this morning i think it is working because i am shocked for those watching at home we will now have to blur everything that's happening with my hands

bob made a video with these in at once and even though he blurred it it was demonetized so once again i would like to thank the sponsor at this video

all right i'm gonna lose yeah you are because you brought this on yourself you gotta get a good grip can i take this out oh you can't that's part of it are you sure yeah it actually actually makes you better i'd rather use that than this freaking n64 controller of all of these this has been the worst

one so far i really don't want this to go through another i can't even figure out what the buttons are yeah you you put kill switches in that turn the controller off yes whoa whoa whoa whoa falcon dude what are you doing man dude i can't turn around with this janky thing it's not fair you made it it sucks

please please please please please yes i'm actually sweating oh yeah it is this is intense you just use the 64. you got to use the side this video needs to end the longer this part of the video goes on the more likely it is anybody there's a thousand bucks on this now i am i'm riding harder oh i forgot about the money no oh god you're gonna break my freaking shield come here no oh no dad buddy show me moves i can't ever remember what the freaking buttons are

[Music] whoa whoa whoa wow yeah yeah [Applause i don't want to be on this controller anymore what's wrong so left right left right oh i could just use this for a b you could but you're not you're going to use a and b down there like i did i just spam falcon i mean remember the very first match we had today

no don't hold me stack me the very first match we had you did it for me i don't deserve it had to be one for the boys yo oh my god dude why did i do that for you i can't run this i can't run with this thing [Music] and the winner of the first ever annual i'm now making the nintendo switch controller smash challenge is the man you know the myth thank you i appreciate thank you thank you so much so does that stand for beta thanks for coming wood you're welcome i appreciate it i'll uh i got your paypal yeah you just uh hit me up whenever you get a chance all right and then i'm going to outro the video now if you you do have a couple minutes i yeah i don't know you need a couple minutes for the outro are you going to mention the podcast i've mentioned it several times you should mention it again at the end so that they have something to watch yes if you still want even more things to watch today we made these videos because the podcast is brand new when it goes up today it's a little way of you know shouting it out while we're also making another video so go watch that please i came all the way to new york for it don't you have more outro stuff to do like the video comment subscribe all the you know usual hubbub my phone hasn't beeped with the paypal it's just taken longer than i was expecting yeah are you actually sending me a thousand dollars you don't have to i

didn't oh watch bob's video too not just the podcast bob made a video on his channel with me um where he made you know what how do you just send money how do you just send it i don't know i usually get it i'm not really good at sending [Laughter] i'm very upset about this


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