Playing Battlefield with no guns is REALLY hard


okay today I'm going to do something in Battlefield that I've never done before I'm not going to shoot anyone I'm notfiring everyone I don't have a primary weapon I'm just going to be a medic that goes around and revives people I'm going to use smoke grenades smokes bandages and I've also got the field medic trait which means that I get more squad points and also I run faster when I spot people that are down so my goal with this is to get to the top of the scoreboard without killing anyone but if I accidentally throw a grenade back in the wrong direction and it kills someone I can't possibly be held accountable for that so here we go then right who needs who needs Medics okay you you need I almost immediately died you need medicine boom there we go first points in the bag do you need Medics yes yesI'm coming don't worry buddy I got you I am gonna be the best medic this game the server has ever seen okay Medics Medics Medics wait wait I can help these people that's I put that smoke grenade in the wrong place but you know what if I want

to get those points I gotta go for broken I've gotta I've really got to go For Broke I've completely lost all sense of direction I nearly died you need meds hey wait no no you're underneath me there you go there's some mess okaythat's good also I've got to rely on the support players in my team and in my squad to keep supplying me with ammobags all just learn where all the ammo stations are so I can keep getting smoke grenades back wait is this help or ammo dark Mr father oh God wait no no no oh that's my first death I'm gonna try yes I was about to say I'm gonna try and not die as much as possible but that death does not count seeing as my friendly you let go as soon as my friendly teammates here revive me yes we can build this can't we it was medic stuffright um You I can help I can help wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait no you dare give up how am I doing okay not bad not bad 1501 so far uh these guys need meds you're in trouble you can't you can't be doing that there's like a tank out there and stuff right to thank I've got to kind of stay where the action is too if I want to keep on getting points if I request an order maybe if I'm squad leader I can like can I get more points to squad leader if they make an order what's going on here okay dead guy there that's a bit sus you need Hills waitwait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait don't you dare don't you dare give up okay that's a really bad idea that's not the play Lads lads that's not I don't think I don't think that's theplay wait you I can help you run out of smoke grenades though hello enemies no that's stupid that's a really dumb idea I'll die if I'm out there come on can't you can you give me ammo I'm gonna go with my squad mate then fine I need I need I need some ammo new but War can you miss Mama can you please give me up please give me ammo is that what did we do then do you not have ammo that's a really angry tank okay maybe maybe they don't have Outlet it's finegive you somehow there's some ammo over here isn't there oh God oh my God kill kill yes all right I'm going for it it's really risky look at the flag there's so many people get out of there Noob Noob get out of there oh no new but Ward quick you gotta go buddygotta go he's dead right okay that's over that's done it's done dusted need more revives how are we doing 1801 damn it where are my team at most of them are a but we've just captured that point so No One's Gonna really die there are a vehicle what is it enemy there what are you shooting at is there a birdGod wait there might be potential for heels yes heels Don't You Dare die in me don't die on me you got ammo do you give me some I just need some Sparks back no damn it I've lost a as well although no there's a vehicle there I'm not going there please dice I can't jump over this I'll tell you what though the lads are making a fine effort here pushing for the flag I'm just gonna be able to deal with that tank though is it a sign yeah it's something horrible wait wait don't you dipyrez no no I tried okay okay I'm going back Mr Father's Day we are capturing sea back why is there no goddamn ammo station here there's one outside I guess I'll have to go for this one out here can you even oh that's cheeky that is look at that I played this map like a thousand times I didn't even know you could do that okay boom we got ammo back we got smokes tank we've got some smokes back you keep doing you buddyoh that's mean I'm the medic I'm the  medic I'm a conscientious objector that's a tank ah yeah someone just whistle at me yeah let's just whistle at me okay man down not down 30 meters away there's potential hereoh God this potential don't you don't give up don't don't you dare give up good you're alive buddy you're alive inmate's dead oh I can't get over there no you gotta be careful there dude you got to be real careful put some smokes down


I'm going nice please I'm so dead I'm so dead yeah oh there's enemy's all around literally all around let's go let's go let's go is that I think that's ammo if I can build that I can get some snugs back yes that's a bit of cover love that absolutely love that and we're out of there I'm right there okay how have I not died yet I can't believe this oh why not died oh no this isn't looking good wait wait wait I can get you I can get you don't you dare give up on me Soldier War behind me with the grease gun ah unless there's a friendly medic around yes catacan I believe in you he's got the kill he's got the rest you are sir you're an absolute ledge oh no don't die don't die me don't die me it's fine okay it's fine so we go to E we've not been to E a friendly tank there let's go eat we need some orders here squad leader what's going on Squad lead come on yeah I can capture Flags oh God there's enemies here no no sometimes you see you don't have to put the smoke on you can put it where the enemy is they're coming to get me guys oh sniper oh that does damage no that's a death I don't think I'm gonna get arrest there guys I'm not doing I'm 19th on the scoreboard come I could be doing way better than this never mind first death we need more grouping we need more soldiers grouping up so I can revive them and help them I mean e you know we could take this point we could do itsmokes this is why I want the squad lead though so I can put smoke garages down and give us some cover you know I'm gonna have to leave you buddy assuming enemies are way too manyenemies now look at the mini map oh my God you need Hills oh well come come back here right now I think he just use his own heels yeah enemy enemy here somewhere snipe them let's get him oh let's get him get get the enemies enemy there all right I don't have any smokegrenades left apart from the ones that I've got on my consumables here okay okay okay okay okay okay this could work this could work as long as I don't die yes get around here oh those are enemies aren't they enemies underneath me look get away get away Lance you need to kill them for me I'm not allowed ah nope can't go there enemy there I'm not allowed my enemy right there enemy right there this is getting crazy oh I got a rest yes Legends absolutely no come on he's right there Lance what's going onno yes on point let's go for everyone okay there's one more person here where are they they're over here somewhere aboveright here right here Lads right there  oh God yeah I'm on fire I'm on fire that's strange I can help I can help that's a grenade I've got you I've got you no oh stolenokay boom ow was that a tank tank I think it is a good time don't fire again don't fire again don't fire again don't shoot again tank you miss okay it's fine it's fine medic oh cut me down in my Prime I was on a revive streak there ah I was giving it the big one surely there's someone else here surely no well at least we held on to the E point right I don't think I don't think I'm gonna get arrested guys damn it death number twowounded shocking can't believe it I feel like there's an enemy here like on the other side I can smell them I knew it does that that's Mr father oh revise precious revives precious revives you boom you're up next one boom you're upthere's a tank is it that Churchill tank again I think it is ah come on come on he was that old he's no no no no no no he's here he's here okay good good job hey coming in you I can help this is really fun I'm enjoying this a lot just watch out for the tanks okay there's tanks the stuff wait what about the oh come here look at this you can get a katana in here do you want a secret katana look katanas there you go take them they're yours take the katanas take the katanas take the katanas look right there take them do you know what these katanas dude look have you even seen this before they were literally they're gonna despawn soon you can take them take them go on please take them I'm begging you I can't use them yes yes now go and kill some people be brave he's dropped them okay fine I'll take it I'm not killing anyone though it's not what I do just my it's my Katana now I guess okay right we're going to D this is not d That's d oh the problem is I've just dropped my smoke grenade launcher haven't I I'm an idiot an absolute dummyI can get some smoke grenades back here  though dead guy I can help with that cold I can help I'm coming I'm coming I can help I can help enemies right next to me yeah I can hear them yeah instantly killed okay that did not go well for anyone enemy there there's about 10 enemies behind me I can hear them all yeah they're sniping At Me Now Slide Away I feel like Genji from OverWatch orsomething this is sick ow stop shooting at me stop it go away it's fine you you need meds you need help there you go look at that look at that straight to your doorstep I'm like deliveroo but a medic you don't have to pay for me and I might die is that good service a dragon I need smokes back I need smokes again please yes you that smokes isn't it you don't get smokes from that really I'm gonna go back here then hey caruh is this pain there's a guy here that's it roadkill beautiful love thatit's great energy there from that player  love that yes more points oh it's not looking good though guys I don't think I'm gonna finish Tom but you know what I don't care we've got time we still have time Logan you boom I got you he's right behind me isn't he he's here he's in here did you get him you got him fine have we got the race did they die afterwards no we're good we're goodokay you you I can help you I can help you don't die don't you dare die oh me there you didn't expect the rest did you don't worry I'm here okay let's go around what's the matter comes here he's got my back oh there's so many enemies there good luck good catacan good luck I guessthat's it kill him yeah okay oh no good job I know he's right there next to me but I don't have a choice you know yeah yeah it's fine it's fine how have I not been killed I will never know ow no I shouldn't have Stood Still catagan boom he's there he's with me Legend absolute Legend you heels boomdon't look at me tank it's fine you  might want to move you might want to moveyou may look at the amount of enemies again guys I decided to sniper shot now get in you need cheat this is a rush I'm actually really really enjoying this and look how good this game looks man I've got the ray tracing on oh beautiful ambient light in there 40 40p Ultra Graphics nice and smooth oh I live in the dream three points okay do we go to E you know there's a sniper right there there's no way I'll go in my Squad Squad let's go ow ow he's like what where was he I'm sure he was right there can catacomb please don't die I need you in my life can I defuse that somehowthat doesn't work okay go there cat again I need you buddy I don't know who you are but I need you see this is where I really really could have used my smoke grenade launcher than I I gave up for a katana then I'm not allowed to use I'm such an idiot oh man good push on to the point here Lads look at this big energy Big E energy energy someone here though let's try and find them and spot them over here now you're cool yeah okay there one on the right enemies there get him yes right there right there I'll distract I will distract go go go he's here he's there he's everywhere kind of can go kill over here now yes tank that's the flame prototank okay right not much I can do about that Let's Get Away slide away we go underneath play the piano GG no re thanks for watching okay this is like 20 people on the point now so I am out of here see you later lads good job look at this we've got all the objectivesyou I can help I can help I can help no you're dead that's my arrest bang got him 7 500. I feel like if I was shootingpeople at the same time I'd be getting a lot more points but it is what that's an enemy tank just looked at it and it died that's just one of the powers that I have you know in this video game that's what the developers gave to me every one in 10 times I look at a vehicle there'sa chance it can explode yeah that's not true that's not true I just made that up you knew that anyway didn't you I mean it's a big victory and we're going to finish 12th on the scoreboard with two deaths wait Nest is a miracle right nowunless how did you die buddy who did it point me to the nasty men where are they down there I bet that's a really bad idea and there's an artillery strike coming in you I can help reset reason don't give up on me no you gave up on me kasimi like oh my Godno the jungle carbine at the last second  bringing it to three deaths I've got toskip it I need to be in there to the end

 in the thick of it I've got a respawn everyone needs our help look at him what a brave Soldier he is okay it's fine it's fine you get revives even when there's artillery strikes we do it there's danger there did I ping that I said there's a snake in the grass yes yes emo the last second revive what a game Lads lasses this was this was great I honestly that's so much fun I didn't achieve my objective but you know what look at that we got the best Squad and that's all that matters big Gigi in the chat fine looking Squad but at the endof the day we finished 12th I'm content with that if you enjoyed the video leave a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one


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