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hey now hear me out yeah I want to see if a right Shield can protect you from a cruise missile all right you ready launch it hostiles launched a cruise missile it's coming down would you look at that okay so just to prove that if I didn't have the right field that would have killed me I'm in the same place and had just gonna put the cruise missile at the same place oh definitely kill dude killed me as well did you see where I was laughs okay I'm just gonna put the cruise missile in the same spot but I'm going to move closer to it this time let's see if it kills me it looks very deadly and I'm fine oh yeah but that killed me again miles away so it looks like the ride Shield does protect you from a cruise missile how close can we get come on yeah it's got to be in front of you yeah okay right it's coming in God surely this kills me I mean that was right in front of you yeah I actually saw the missile for a couple of frames there I'm gonna put a inflatable decoy yeah you just say that has and what are you expecting that to happen no apparently inflatable decoys when you blow them up also blow the cars up but if I throw a shock sticking to it you come this way with the Drone or stick it then you find that next time though yeah yeah oh my God the remote electric drone that's horrible cool for that one what happens if I throw a volatile on you okay well that makes sense right does that make sense I'm out of the water will it well yeah I guess so okay so your head was out then wait if I hit you with it and you dive does it save your life presumably we have to try we have to try that so come up I'm going to hit you with it immediately dive yeah there's no way no way okay that's so cool let's go I actually love that you can do that shock stick because I know it's going to make you shoot probably but if I hit you with it is it gonna make you move oh God what it turned me into electron man as well and what he became contagious I guess that makes sense chalk stick ready I'm gonna throw it at you I'm gonna look away I'm gonna be killed by your bullets in theory in theory here we go I've essentially killed myself there yeah it's so funny okay we're gonna test footstep audio now I've got my setting on home theater first things first hands I want you to Tactical Sprint ask me and we'll see how loud that is now do a regular Sprint back to the stairs that's about the same Now do a walk so use that wall keybind that you just made are you still making footstep sounds but they're very very quiet okay now do a Crouch still very quiet yeah so you run slow then I was on slow walk speed yeah put it on Fast I'll put it on fast okay now walk past me I'm really that much louder but it's a lot quicker yeah what about if you if you aim down the site and move forward I mean that's basically the same if not a bit quieter but you walk through back on slow and then ads hold the keybind and walk past me oh my God that's so slow look at that I've never seen that but even that makes tiny footstep sounds that plays nothing for me it doesn't make any noise for you no I get zero footstep audio Crouch aim down the site and now walk past me with the walk behind that's completely silent that's not making any footstep noise okay so there is a way in this game that you can walk without making any noise but you have to crouch aim and use the walk keybind or just push your analog stick very very carefully is that even going to be doing that maybe in Warzone I mean in S D yeah maybe I can do completely inaudible isn't it yeah I can't hear that you can move so slowly like this what the hell and you jump in the water and go under the water and stay there what's the heartbeat tends to work yeah it does what if I'm in the water yeah it works okay put the drone on them online burnout London is that Landing the Drone can I put a Claymore on it no please no that doesn't appear to work C4 on this is it on it yeah it would have a bit further than I thought yep is it going with it yeah okay oh the Drone keeps going as well what so apparently with the battle rifles in this game some of them have fully auto mode some of them have single there's a bit of discussion in the community that singlefire does more damage than full author so we're going to test it so I'm going to shoot Adam with single fire


two shots to kill now I'm gonna go Auto and shoot Andy three shots to kill single fire chest shot on hands let's see one to four so aim down Adam one two three oh it does do more damage on single shot mode okay so now we're gonna test can you shoot the stealth bomber down the kills tree before it drops his bombs so me and Adam are going to try and lock onto it and two weapons there it is punk out a lot can't get a lot can't get a lot with the stealth bomber in it thank you you can't stop that then stealth check okay so can you stick someone with the drill charge okay I've stuck someone with it but I have never seen the animation of it okay so what thickness of wool can the drill charge get a kill through yeah that can't be possible surely out there no okay so I got the icon yeah like the red grenade icon but it didn't come through far enough so there is there is an upper limit obviously what about this rock here this is quite a sizable Rock um just a yeah I'm gonna Crouch and put it hereit's damaging isn't it it looks like it's going halfway through some see if it works in the water oh some nice warfx but just to prove that they do work through floors as well okay the shock stick in theory if I throw this in the water it should Electrify the water and then kill both of these you could get so many kills with that if you threw that into a big group of people I'm gonna shock you had run towards Adam so were your bullets not hitting him then no no they were hitting him but it's no friendly fire oh I see so it doesn't make your bullets My Bullets because I shocked you no no no get your lethal or your Tactical out what's yours Hans uh I think it's a thermite there you go I want to see if I shock you with this is it gonna throw it so I want to test the mini map Adam you got a loud gun yep fire of it but that didn't come up on the mini map and you've got a suppressed gun hmm pirate okay didn't come up on the Minnie Mouse Adam again so that comes up for the compass on the top as well adds to yours again and that doesn't come up on the compass at the top okay so how'd you've activated ghosts now and Adam you don't have ghosts I'm gonna pop this UAV requesting there Adam shoe and shoot you actually did come up there in that UAV wave after you shot keep shooting foreign now you're on it now stop shooting grounds you've gone so there's some kind of a call down when you shoot even if you have a suppressor even if you have ghosts you're on the mini map with the zuav it's almost like the act of shooting negated your ghost and put you on the UAV anyway okay so once again Adam doesn't have ghosts Hans does but had just taken the suppressor off his gun I'm gonna pop UAV Adam's on it shoot ads are you on it now stop shooting now and now you're off here so the act of shooting even if you have ghosts if there's a UAV we'll put you on the mini map during a scan for a few seconds but I don't think that's intended Behavior okay so we're going to investigate this a bit furtherbecause it is a bit strange so how does put the suppressor back on he has ghosts Adam doesn't and no suppressor I'm not gonna look at them and we're going to see what happens so Adam if you can shoot okay so you're on the compass at the top not on the mini map how do you shoot they'll come first no mini map right I'm gonna pop UAV requesting flyover add shoot yeah you're on it now stop shooting hands next wave you won't be on it yeah just Adam on it shoot again odds are you back on it was good to know that isn't it Elise I want to see if I can kill you with the throwing knife underwater so if you come down a bit stay there I have to be very close to you oh God that didn't kill you I just picked it out of you yeah you need to see that from the other perspective when you're far enough away you just just like you you let go of the knife and it just goes all the way down try and hit me drops to the ground pathetic I want to test bullet damage now so I'm going to shoot you in the chest I'm gonna see how much damage it takes to kill you then I want you to go in the water and we'll do the same thing no five bullets okay I'm gonna hit your chest and that was exactly the same wasn't it yeah what if I'm under the water fire and get you all right let's go if I can do it come on two three four five six seven eight a bullet's fired underwater do actually do less damage by quite a lot as well can I shoot you from the water will a bullet go through that foreign inflatable decoy down are you going to stand on top of that but that just deployed as soon as you ran near it does it deploy as soon as you put it down or do you have to press it no I can choose when to do it so if I put this here I think that's popped up there because you're near it oh okay so if we deflate them I'm gonna put one a bit further away from you here what if you go prone and crawl up to it will it trigger it I didn't detect you okay now Crouch walk over to it ah that popped up straight away it deploys with crouching but not prone crawl on top of it I want to see if it kills you if I deploy it when you're on top of it ready yeah oh you've crouched you do that automatically no all right ready it did actually kill you oh daring me all right ready um that's so weird can you throw one on me and destroy me for complete humiliation I bounced off there's a bit of damage to you yeah it does it doesn't that didn't kill you because it wasn't on you interesting jump in the water I'm gonna put it down here


the hell it's even in a swimming pose so I'm gonna put it directly down yeah if you go to where I am once I've deployed it on the surface 26 will kill you just about Miss yeah maybe if I'm a bit a bit quicker hold on I think you've gone over it there it didn't go up there it is did it damage you no that didn't damage him go next to it does this damage you without doing any health yeah yeah a little bit not much but enough okay I'll put this here where's that gone oh it's trapped under you what that didn't quite work did it look oh it's suddenly interesting just want to see if snapshots fall off underwater yeah that looked pretty normal yeah definitely Spiderman okay I'm gonna put some C4 at the bottom here all the way down all right if you come to where I am now stay there can you see the C4 down there uh yeah I'm gonna blow it up while you're on the surface and I want to see if it kills you didn't there's a lot of damage though it made a pretty effect on the surface then can I put C4 on you does it stick to you try again you just bounced off you turn around so it's your back a bit more flat no it's not is it you can't stick C4 to people put it in there if you stop moving as well it will actually push you as well if you go in the water in the middle and just let go of your controls no yeah there is a bit of a current actually pushing you along to your Tactical Insurgent has uh moved as well okay so I'm definitely in the wars there yeah should flow there it is okay kill me all right let's see okay so is it the war on the map it did look okay throw a drill charge on hands is it going to kill Adam behind let's see come on did a bit of damage to you yeah he found over and died before it went off though really did it damage you oh gotcha interesting all right drill charge on riot shield kill you though wait so has if you stand behind Adam and I throw the drill charger on his shield is that gonna kill you I mean that's cool that does not make sense it's giving Adam the damage mitigation but not anyone behind him right thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it if you did drop a like comment below bye


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