I played PUBG and actually had fun


despite this game being incredibly challenging and punishing at times i'm actually having a great time playing pubg again dipping my toes back in cautiously and you guys have told me to keep making videos on this game and so i shall obey now i have one request to make from you to enjoy my pain and suffering on the last video we hit over 31 000 likes so if we could beat that on this one i would be forever grateful thank you it's a great way to help support me but today's game oh baby i asked my good friend tommo if he wanted to join in with the torture and he agreed and in this match we managed to toss up a high amount of kills and ifound this in a crate of p90 i had never used this before but after the match that you're about to see and the place that we managed to pull off i will always be on the lookout for it in the future it's incredible so here we go then this was acrazy game and i'm quietly confident that you guys will enjoy the gameplay and the banter also let me know below if you want to see more like this with that said let's do this and see if we can get another chicken dinner we'll take this one seriously thomas okay all right let's go yeah i'm gonna try and get in the pool and then my parachute cut on the building itself i'm gonna nade the roof there that's ten kills oh damn oh damn that's ten kills ten of them throw a pan up there as well okay what happens hold on i don't have one tom i thought that was a pan that you went over now oh my god they've seen me and i don't have a gun yet i think he was just shooting from the corner of the roof okay oh sure you sure are you sure yeah they're on the roof okay oh please let me get the gun cover me i'm reloading is he on you no he just got me from outside some ridiculous angle okay if you run into this room they're pushing over cena but you got time tom other guys outside any just jump down yeah you running over now thank you sorry to the vest oh this is my only weapon he's there tom he's right there on the stairs ah i don't have a gun dead i played he was a naked man a nikki man is there a first aid kit there if you want it i couldn't i tried to get this m4 and he kept shooting me from ah he blasted him tom thank god i found a double barrel yeah that was sick well played that was a clutch find you don't want m4 i've got one here okay thank you what is this a giant egg folded shield no idea pick it up look what it do uh wait how do i deploy it cannot install foliage shield in this location go to the outside maybe item use interrupted why what i guess so i'll save it see if it fall later just in case we're actually in the middle of an open field i mean it's pretty self-explanatory as to what it's going to do it's going to deploy a shield a folded shield yeah yeah can you vote through this yeah of course you get through a jack just vote for it yeah yeah that's like a thing that you can do in the game yeah oh i'm okay you only saw two people land on top of school right yeah we're clear i think okay though have you got one already yeah my kid tommy arthur i can't do that anymore because it doesn't break you like it used to i haven't seen the last season yet have you not is it worth it yeah definitely why would you watch i've seen everything i just haven't seen the last season would you recommend it why would you watch every single season of a show leading up to the finale some got rounds there's so many other things to watch so in there yeah but it's just starts of shows we started sound man yeah episode nine now about the um i started yesterday i've only watched episode one it's good it's interesting lots of interesting things and things happening in that shirt yes why did the chicken cross the road why did the chicken cross the road um because it was dead because i've never have never actually heard that one before that's good there you go add that to your vocabulary that's in my repertoire now no i've already forgotten it why did the chicken cross the road because because it was dead oh no because it was dead oh we gotta stop landing in the middle of the zone you stopped landing in this you're perfect oh spiky stopped right here god ready for him get ready for him knocked no visual plays inside this side outside now backside oh i saw the m4 though that is that's just the m4 being seen no no no it's all the skill of the user there's a ar suppressor i've got one uh nice he had two of them m24 here i don't uh i might i might try instead i think i prefer the car but i think the m24 does shoot straighter on paper interesting jeez huh oh


railed him at the rock top yeah i just missed that shot that's heartbreaking the push broken hang on dude i'm gonna need the hell out of this ready do it see if i can spoil it i don't oh my god jack dude double kills yeah yeah no way see they didn't expect the push spoiler alert i do care they just didn't expect the aggressive push yeah that was insane i was a perfectly cooked frag as  well wasn't it that's why you call these jack frags isn't it what does that mean to you cook the fruit frag you're a great chef thank you oh another vehicle is there oh no oh it just feels like everyone's driving by us right now for no reason i'm just waiting to put this deployable shield down it's like 40 capacity and takes up all of the space in my inventory all right i guess just wait for another call and then the video is just us killing cars as they drive by yeah yeah that's how it that's how it feels well you got a nice little uh double shotgun kill at the start there yeah no that was nice you saved my ass and then and then nothing happened right it's all right let's go we can win this tom we can definitely win this yeah content six kills deep in a pub gmat video game i never thought gaming was possible in this one i've never played a video game see that handbrake turn that was great the e-brake i'm sorry i'm american tom there's a drop coming in look 320 let's go get it we're going


go through the wall remember the flying duchy is when the cheetahs are in this game oh god yeah yeah i don't know i was walking across the water oh it's a rock oh my god dude the corkscrew yeah we did it tom i guess we're swimming yeah let's go baby i'm surprised we didn't take any damage yeah impressive really it was pure skill i tried to use it as a ramp to get over but it just made us go up and then immediately down so what's in this then um how about that i did that was so fast was that the gun yeah smoke launcher the shooty launcher i mean i reckon it's an arm um it's the p90 go for it jack oh you want me to try it yeah yeah yeah it's very fun yeah it is genuinely i think it's got a um it's got a toggle side on it purple ammo some what the hell yeah it's unique ammo because it's that good yeah reloading is it an ar is it an smg smg but it's a bit more a bit more range to it okay interesting i mean i sacrificed the m4 that's a good trade-off i've still got my car 98 though yeah it's good it's a good loadout roger that 150 shots yeah you can uh you can toggle the site with i think maybe oh hold them right click or something yeah you'll see a shift all right well that wasn't contested i'm surprised yeah very surprised oh it actually flips over dude yeah yeah it's a nice animation that's cool i like that

you know it's no modern warfare using your hand to do it just switches itself so you can't even put attachments on this no it just comes as it is 150 shots and waves in the magazine but you get like 50 in a mangrove so yeah you used it before yeah i had a heater of it heat every match with it but um lost to a red zone wow good that was fun yeah yeah yeah so the game never made it to youtube because i died of embarrassment oh no people want to see that though time you should have uploaded it it wasn't even embarrassing it was just like a humiliating like it was just so annoying that you know when you don't want to showcase a game because of how bad the mechanic is yeah i just didn't i felt why am i that was the last game we played that day i mean conor were playing i had like six kills in the end game and then i was in the doorway of a house and the red zone blew blew the door in half and killed me that absolutely sucked whilst i was inside terrible what's that level three helmet you got there it's got a cool skin on it let's have a look oh i don't know actually it's a blue and white oh yeah i haven't got the uh 3d how do you toggle that show hide inventory character render you look like a tactical badass i don't want to crash my game though it's been known to crash games surely not in 2022 yeah maybe not just don't want to risk it um we have to go this way tom i would like to see the baby his voice was perfect for that that wouldn't have been anywhere near as iconic if it wasn't him hey miss biggie i'd like to see the baby off hijack actually not bad although kermit has been ruined for me oh spider-man mod no there's like uh this like guy who goes on uh amigo i think how's kermit only we'll find the rainbow connection lovers to dreamers and me

full surprises we'll just take this compound here yeah i think so or the one next to it further up could be occupied be careful yeah uphill running down to the house please get there first which what on the other side yeah from that yellow penguin running down oh yeah i'm going in oh god i've seen you i'm good i'm good i'm in cover you smash me dude there's two oh god that frag was so perfect were they uphill or what yeah coming in these guys pros are i mean feels like a jack is that you my frog i'm not oh my god this p90 dude oh yeah in the house looking going in now you may have gone upstairs oh god you're crazy that's well played i am with the war zone jump jack no what

what do you mean i came in and just went like this you just didn't fire him to death well you can do that in pub g apparently yeah but you can't ads i forgot yeah it's good the p90 i was waiting for your reaction i know it beard dude it just toasted him absolutely toasted yeah that's very nice she's breaking this glass we've lost the game

position given away careful of the birds jack don't want hi to know where we are one showdown we should play more of that oh oh we're actually getting shot at southwest is it yes here jack really there well there's a team i see there but i don't how did you say it i don't think that's where the audio was coming from yeah i thought it was more direct west but maybe i'm wrong yeah no i think you're right it's a different team i saw and there could be someone on our right as well down the hill i really wish i had a better vest i see the guy i see the guy there mess headshot yep why was that not down i don't know if it was a hedgehog hello i'm just going to check out right because i don't want something to just run up on us here tom yeah we're in a horrible position stress wrap around right gods your my name is tom hi tom and i'm rapping to the right seems quite exposed here tom okay package there definitely might be a three vest on it or something i can smoke it as well yeah smokey if you can i'm gonna watch that rock i'll check it yeah level three helmet level three vest c4 there's an aug tom if you're on the org c4 is pretty decent uh do i want the org i think it's very good 38x we see them i'm here where the rock in front here okay can we get a nade over there i see him i see him going for it we can smoke and push you fragging it or not nice jack i mean that's a lot of attention on us now though that's the thing definitely six left looks at the comp now yeah healing they fight oh they're fighting tom okay good good good drags reloading okay maybe we got a decent spot here you know better than that reloading five alive okay okay i'm not sure about that a random one is concerning not quite in the zone here yeah stick left and try this hill reloading my nade launcher oh okay someone just i'm just firing them you with me just behind you okay come in here we've got a bit of natural cover here tom yeah that's what i wanted good shot the uh oh man i've got no idea dude well we know what the shots were there's from the edge of that though that's a weird place for them to be pushing in but they went on the far wrap around this is truly in really went off right there plays on kill what should we push him or do you want to hold i'm holding for now okay just at this random tree oh we have to go over there i'm good that was split though they're just gonna be over the hill there yeah i'm moving towards him yeah with you grenades okay all yours what the hell where are they tom where can they just over the hill yeah i think they're just randomly throwing fries it's going to c4 it's going to be a big explosion run back a bit jack run back in there yeah yeah get wide part of the zone it's a massive explosion okay interesting tactic takes like 20 seconds to blow up oh my god i wasn't lying make some noise tom make some noise hang on fire a few shots yeah that's it keep firing it should just be right in front of me here hold on dude i've got a nice job dude that distraction works so well that was great that was great looking at all oh good call on that good call on that i just ran wide where they had to push out of cover okay that was actually a really good game of pubg that was a great game yeah a really good game they don't come actually no but when they do the start was fast enough for us i think that's about as fast as it gets like yeah start at school you picked up like four kills around some random compound grabbed the p90 moved up hill have the end game can we do an emote together um yeah sure i feel like this is a good opportunity you know where it's allowed okay how do i join you need to process next to me there you go yes that's what it's about this is pubg in 2022. the most realistic battle royale game [Music]


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